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Datsun 240Z vs Nissan Leaf – Auto Express

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In the latest episode of our Heroes Humbled? series, we pit the Datsun 240Z against the innovative Nissan Leaf.

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Ninja Penguin says:

But isnt the succesor 370z?

Josh983 says:

Rotsun 240Z

bulldetecting says:

The guy driving the 240Z looks and drives like a sad 40 year old who only just passed his driving test two days ago.

lewis king says:

Is that supposed to be economical??? 800 lightbulbs or 80 washing machines??

Jesus! They go on about washing on a 30 degree cycle and not 40 but meanwhile, we've got people racing in a machine that's running 80 washing machines or 800 friggin lightbulbs!

David Hayes says:

Weird comparison in technology, style,…….. oh I suppose it was the same firm/company. Still any video which shows a 240Z has to be good… one of the first truly desirable Japanese cars and it was fabulous. As cheap as a Dolly Sprint and little more than an MGB GT… amazing. That leaf!

Lenny Szrama says:

All of the Hero cars, will remain Hero cars, they will still be that in another 10 or 20 years. All these other cars are just fodder for the next government scrappage scheme.

TheKenjoje says:

not the same class

chemicalcleare41 says:

80 light bulbs???! They must be bright ?

rahul nargundkar says:

I had genuinely hoped that this would be won by the Leaf thanks to electric power from 0 rpm.. But guess not..

لا اعرف says:

I love you cars

fille fanta says:

I really would enjoy to see a tesla there instead of the leaf

Rods Ahed says:

this is why i love old 1970's 'sports' cars. Especially 240z-280z

Kuldeep Jutla says:

Shouldn't have got the nissan GTR.

Charles Macgilchrist says:

The 240 should have been much quicker than it was – It's supposed to pull low 15s not low 17s in the quarter. I watched a fiesta xr2 beat the ecoboost and it was actually faster than the 240 in the quarter and 0 – 60.

Stephen Butler says:

One pretty car.

WelshWarrior says:

Really!? That wasn't even a fair race!

skippy813 says:

Maybe you should try taking the leaf out of ECO MODE mat !! you did say come on ECO POWER !!!!!!

Katsusandtoho says:

Well, Nissan made one video.
Leaf beaten 1990's180SX…(On 0-400)

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