DB11 – Designed to Exhilarate | Aston Martin

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Designed to exhilarate. Our engineers ensured that DB11 is a thrill for all your senses.



Martin Aston says:

0:31 OMG

Dhananjay Dhakne says:

Now I understood why James Bond loves Aston Martin

Mahendran P says:

I'm in love with the music of this video

Bryan Echeverría says:

So when are you going to give me this car? 😒

Breathingspace says:

Really nice how the head lights look completely diiferent up front han from other angles.

삽족밥 says:

wow… what am I seeing? The best carporn I ve ever seen! >3<

Jituballav Hazarika says:

what is this location

Juan Carlos García Medina says:

We need a 'love' button for videos like this

Fernando Gagliardo says:


Vítor Oliveira says:

É demasiado bonito para qual quer olho !!!

nakre15 says:

I hope they will deliver it with a manuall to.. for those who want one.

Seadog. says:

buy an old land rover…. you drive it.

alter man says:

don't trash-talk, don't comment at all.. just let the video sink in and enjoy beauty at perfection.

Alex Fardilha says:

sou bueda fanático por carros!!?

david casanovas says:

I like the vanquish and one77

david casanovas says:

interesting brand

Joshua Ting says:

I don't know, I think I like still the design of the Vanquish better.

george385 says:

I'll take it, thanks

Raffinatezza says:

I do not know if youtube allowing porn video now

令狐冲 says:

Db10 is the ugliest one so far in the collection

Firmansjah Prasetyo says:

aston db11 its one of my favorite car year 2016 then every automobile like chiron or sportcar ferrari

Gerardo Salas says:

Audi TT-like Pillars, Seat/Ferrari lights, Boxster rear… come on

KS Ban says:

That ass is ugly as hell.

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