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Deegan 38 Fiesta ST Rally | Traxxas

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To be successful, a full-size rally car must offer blistering performance on pavement, dirt-roosting speed off-road, a trick suspension, and 4WD to put the power down. Modeled after Brian Deegan’s Ford Fiesta ST, the Traxxas NOS Deegan 38 Rally car puts you in the driver’s seat for all the action.

To learn more, click here: https://traxxas.com/products/models/electric/NOS-Deegan-38-Rally

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Traxxas says:

Check out our newest video: Ultimate RC Stunt Paradise!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ofzj5wxTvkQ



Eric Torres says:

Could throw up some serious rooster tail action on my backyard!

Cheesey Breezy485 says:

Can you turn these into 4wd slashes with lcg chassis

Марина Галкина says:

Привет. Миня. зовут. Илья. Я. твои. плаконик

Bibine le fou says:

C’est quoi la marque de la voiture

Ultra X says:

Would love his without all the stickers,Ford Fiesta is one of my favorite cars

RCJack says:

Very Cool Car, I bought one.

Nathaniel Brooking (Student) says:

Fracas this video was awesome and today I went to hobby town and saw this core fiesta and i just want it now

Maria Loyola says:

I like yur Cars

Bob thE fArmEr Howdy says:

My friend's cousin is danger boy deegan

Seawolf 14 says:

What's the song to this vid?

I Might As Well says:

This has just bring two of my fave things mashed up together… SO SATISFYING!!! ???


Jordon Minville says:

Can a rally body fit on the slash

MR. Bearing says:

You have fans in czech republic 🙂

Johnny Ringgo says:

nice video and excellent camera work


Hola amigo podes ayudarme quiero comprarme uno electrico pero no se donde comprar uno en ARGENTINA me podes alludar ,que no sea tan caro desde ya gracias??

HockeyMan22 says:

Shut up and take my money!

Abdul Rahim says:

What is the cost of this

Bubby 2711 says:

Wow! Outstanding performance with the car in that video. Hope to get one soon!!!

Stop motion Production says:

Can you guys please do a Ken Block body kit!!!!!??????

English-RC says:

What a ripp off. Its been so waterd down it tastes like p.

Are projected profits down so you quickly threw some tamiya grade cars together to supplement the profits. Mitigate the maginary losses.

Just cos projected profits are down. Its classed as losses.

Buffer zones like that are earned and you're not far off earning the golden poo award to go with your p.

Ea games might finally be beaten this year.

Tim Sullivan says:

tower hobbies lists it as discontinued?

809nel says:

These things are getting wrecked, let's not ignore how the body is scrapping before and after every jump, enjoy the crashes and buying bodies all the time

Azel _YerBoi says:

When are these gonna be released??

luke bornemann says:

Is there going to be a Vxl one ?

Legacy75100 says:

I love the body. I'll probably put it on my slash 4×4. For this rig, you'll want to upgrade the motor to brushless and get a aluminum center driveshaft.

sukkula36 ART says:


toquinho cross says:

eu quero comprar esse carro por quanto voce vende

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