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Deep river crossing, Toyota Land Cruiser, Club 4×4 PANAMA

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Abdel cruzando un rio crecido en Ciri de los Sotos, casi se lo lleva la corriente

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Chavista Para Lo Que Sea!!!! Martinez says:

Donde es eso seguro es venezuela por que los venezolanos son es toyoteros

alejandro arevalo says:

Simplemente ingenieria japonesa y q mejor q un toyota fj cruiser PARA TODA LA VIDA

14infieles says:

Esos autos son unos tesos 

Rolando Peña says:

Super!! Quien dijo miedo !! Saludos

Luis Ortiz says:

Clásico este video!! 14B

Christoph Dreyer says:

Yeah! Don't try this at home kids! Especially with one of these modern S U V

MeCH NIZeR says:

Landcruiser car wash !

Prashant Sharma says:

what is the gearbox used in this ? model information

Ryan Coombs says:

14b? not 3b?????

djmax199999 says:

good driving skills

AccessDenied says:

Toyota makes some good cars..

ThunderbirdJunkie says:

@hunna122 A gas engine has a distributor, coil, and other things that won't allow it to properly operate when submerged for long periods. Until I got my most recent Jeep, which is coil-on-plug, all of my 4x4s, which have been gas, had a REALLY nasty misfire after water crossings where the ignition components got wet, despite sealing with grease and such, and none of them were submerged as long as this FJ was. A diesel just relies on compression for ignition.

George Dub says:

@willums70 YJ wrangler all the way i say

uncle bond says:

@elkrysto would never of made it if it was petrol……

1TonTaco says:

@asssface2000 Sounds like someone is mad about Toyota being better than jeep in every way shape and form… Deal with it buddy Toyota puts Jeep to shame and you know it. Jeep sucks so bad that no one want to keep them willies overland then ford then AMC then chrysler and now fucking Fiat, jeep aint even American anymore. And who owns Toyota again??? Oyeah only Toyota has ever owned Toyota which means way better company way better products deal with it because its true.

asssface2000 says:

@willums70 toyota FJ= too heavy, underpowered piece of japanese imitation jeep trash! fuck toyota!

lifeisgoodenjoydaryd says:

Great video. Done the same in my Tj and anyone that off-roads knows what I'm saying when your right in the middle of the river Or that really steep hill and your starting to slide or you think your gonna role it and you say to yourself," what the he'll am I doing" and when you make it all the way over or through the obstacle your like "he'll yea. Had it the whole time". Hahaha. Love it!!

Club 4x4 Panama says:

@hunna122 Old good diesel engines are all mechanical…no electric stuff

andrewborry says:

@polygamous1 ww2 armyjeeps are known as CJ1 and CJ2

paketmaevius says:

driver have balls

KellyThundercloud says:

You know you're a redneck when you drive a jeep through a river!

uncle bond says:

@riberware only have to worry about that kinda shit if you like big dirty cocks down the bak of ya throat hahahahaha jks plus it is a diesel….. and it does have a snorkel hahahaha

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