Devel Sixteen 469 km/h in Highlands vs Koenisegg Regera

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Video Produced by Assetto Corsa Racing Simulator

The mod credits are: Virtua Sports Cars & Rallye Academy

Worked by: Jesús Alvarez – Rallye Academy

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nader yousry says:

There is no such a thing called devil 16….its just a big toy

Timo TheMag says:

Stupid graphics

Stanced Styfon says:

The devel has got to be one of the ugliest cars if I'm honest…the roof should be a bit lower…chop top just a bit and itll look a bit better

ツkchinnapat1ツ says:

Who don’t read description,you’re not have eyes


theunknownfrennツ says:

What happened to that regera- it be bouncing

Christian Lundberg Gymnasieskolan VIPAN, Gymnasiesärskolan VIPAN says:

Devel Sixteen. What a Joke…

Rafael098 says:

3:14 toreto

PxXplZ says:

3:08 Regena: watch me bhop B)

Jcd Nova says:



5000 cv vs 1500 cv ………………..

Gonza Xd says:

Principe deveste

King Nick Gr says:

They had us in the first half, not gonna lie

King Nick Gr says:

I thought this was real until I saw the interior of the regera 🙄😑

Its Pain says:

Most realistic 2 minutes of my life

Joe says:

Until the camera switches to the one inside of the Regera did I realise it is a game😑😁

TheFunnyGuy says:

the devel 16 is way faster

John Smith says:

Wtf is up with all of the Devel Sixteen clickbaits?! We want the real ass car! Stop making it sound like it is just for views and attention.

Giuseppe Ruta7 says:

Gara bellissima, pazzesca la Devel sixteen ma anche la Regera 😍😍🔥🔥😱

MichaelDB Hawker says:

just amazed at the virtual quality

Grzegorz Jaskólski says:

What is wrong with Regera is jumping like old Plymouth pimped by West Coast Custom?

DominikusTV says:

Didn't the channel name make you suspicious at all?

lil bratzz blessings says:

I actually thought this was real .-.

Anonymous says:

koenisegg regera o agera 🙂

Watema 3 says:

This really makes me wish the Devil Sixteen were real.

bubbxs says:

I feel so stupid for believing it was real for a whole 2 minutes, lol.

Tammy Smith says:

For a solid minute I thought is was real lol when showed in the car

Luis Alexandre Berto says:

Oh, It is very fake! But is the best simulation of 3D racecar movie!

Diego Acosta Carrasquillo says:

Things that are faster than the 5000HP Devel Sixteen in real life:


Douglas 021 says:


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