Devel Sixteen vs Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ at Monza Full Course

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Video Produced by Assetto Corsa Racing Simulator

The mod credits are: Virtua Sports Cars & Rallye Academy

Worked by: Jesús Alvarez – Rallye Academy

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jonal versoza says:

ilove white,,godbless madam??

Anton Strydom says:

Oh my word that was a game?

gd fbi says:

What game is his please tell 🙂

Jadu says:

1:13 is the part when you realise it’s a game


Buggati chiron is a world fastest hypercar

Bigorse Tomatoesauce says:

For a car that's all fake it sure can beat a real car

U.S.A.F Colonel says:

In reality the Bugatti would have zero chance against 5000hp

Wayne Engelbrecht says:

cool devel sixteen

فرى فاير says:

Divel 16 made in Dubai and its number 1 in the world

savioGalaticAngel 9000sand says:

Check out this beautiful game, sweeet

Space Cowboy says:

Wow the grass looks so real!

Csaba Lakatos says:

Devel Sixteen:5000h
Bugatti Chiron:1500hp

Full fullness Never quit says:

The devel sixteen made the Bugatti looks like my Ford Focus

Nahar Kadir says:

Rider chiron is no good.

Potatchoo says:

They see me rollin…. They hatin

morteza pirmoradi says:

همش که انیمیشن بود بابا

Alen Joseph KP says:

Woww! new machine again

haven boykin says:

didn’t even know it was a game until i went to the comments 😂

Lombardo says:

Is it animation

Nazi 1321 says:

Asseto Corsa?

keling Knight says:

grand turismo

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