Digital World Premiere: BUGATTI Chiron Super Sport

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Welcome to the new BUGATTI Chiron Super Sport – the quintessence of luxury and speed.

BUGATTI is a brand of superlatives and has been spearheading automotive engineering for over 110 years. The name Super Sport is inextricably linked with its fastest models in the respective eras.

With the CHIRON Super Sport, BUGATTI is following a long-standing tradition of combining unparalleled speeds with comfort. The CHIRON Super Sport is the ultimate Grand Tourisme within the CHIRON portfolio and a counterpart to the CHIRON Pur Sport, which was made for cornering and lateral agility. The CHIRON Super Sport is the fastest series production hyper sports car with its top speed of 440 km/h.

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Fuel consumption, l/100km: not subject to Directive 1999/94/EC as it does not yet have type approval.


Toufike Aïssa says:


felipe poffo says:

I don't even know French, but I really love these words: Vive La Marque!

George Ionescu says:

ripping money from rich guys

Michael Summerell says:

440kmph apparently.

In both directions…? 🤔😉

Michael Summerell says:

Winkelmann's head looks way too big for his body…

Wayne Willson J says:

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Smita Anare says:

Bugatti is a wold fastest car

Bugatti Veyron says:

If this isn't in Forza horizon 5, I'm not getting the game

Bugatti Veyron says:

Whelp guess I'm changing from Veyron to Chiron

fran mendes says:

bugatti show

Jared Baster The Race Car Guy says:

This is my new favorite car already

Jamel Wara says:

Looking forward to Driving mine 3ven faster✊🏾🎶

The Scandinavian Gaming Channel says:

Kinda weird, seing as they've already made the 300+, which is a Super Sport… It's like "this is also a Super Sport, only a little bit worse than the last one".

Omega Elixir says:

Camaro Super Sport

Mohamed El Amine Ouis says:

So the PS5 is the Super Sport version of PS4

GTR dans ta mère says:

Quand je vois ça, je suis fier d'être français 🇨🇵


Bugatti mad in France

bruce bane says:

waiting for the tesla roadster to make a joke out of bugatti

Youdontknowme : says:

One day I’ll own a Bugatti 🧘‍♂️🙏🏾💯💯💯

ChiSpire says:

Not as quick as the new Tesla Model S and slower in the quarter mile. How does it feel to get beat by a 150k USD American sedan? 😆

Wentworth Gallardo says:

hi uh bugatti i thought the bugatti you used before you use the supersport i thought the car has more weight with that spoiler because you said "less weight 🤣 anyways have a good day

SAM tch says:

Why the quality of the video is bad !!!!!!!!

Demish says:

Manny meanwhile: This
special cupholder for my pistachios was only 130k bucks, so I let Bugatti install 4 of them in my Hermes SS!!

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