Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye: Road Review | Carfection 4K

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Henry Catchpole takes the Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye out for a drive .
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Nobedz says:

Haha my supercharger goes meow meow


Braeden Hamson says:

Love it, hate it. One of these did outrun a police helicopter. That's pretty badass.

Richard Wallace says:

But I spent more time in the shop then on the road

FILIKU says:

does this car comes with the Axl Rose sound effect or na

Sharif Alhabarneh says:

Excellent review . Thanks for sharing

Larry Smith says:

"The Groooman F6F Hellcat."

Scott O'Shea says:

"It became the "hell crate", made me chuckle. Still does, clearly", love this guy!

David Merriman says:

Everybody likes that damn supercharger sound, I think it's annoying as fuck

Marco Panzanni says:

OH NO! anyone noticed the damaged paint above the left headlight at the begining?

Jan Korkmaz says:

Of course itโ€™s a harmonica at the beginning of a british review of an American car.

Alvin Leong says:

No wonder Batman likes it

Joe Campbell says:

The reason we love the Challenger is because it's wrong. In a politically correct world, I want one.

Yusuf Kanchwala says:

0:02 can someone plzz tell me whats the music playing??

Brian Reardon says:

Oh if I only had $$$ 91,000 to spend haha

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