Dodge Viper ACR Hennessey Venom Sound !

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Another video i made at Gran Turismo Evenents Nurburgring! We saw this extremely rare ACR Hennessey Venom, with a huge amount of horsepowers! I hope you lijke this video, please rate, comment and subscribe if you woiuld like to.


Anthony Wayne says:

Sounds like a hot rod…TRACTOR!

Shadow Fiend says:


RagingSalamence says:

Every time I tune a Viper on NFS, I try to make it look like the ACR. This thing is better than porn.

MrDetheater says:

My uncle has a better car

Lowest in the room says:

The Ford GT hasn't put a VIPER ACR to shame yet.I challenge you to find a stock Ford GT that has ever beaten an ACR on any track in the world.the v10 is 160 lbs more than the corvette sits BEHIND the front wheels so if it were nose heavy it would understeer read up it has a 48/52 weight distribution.its a hard car to drive for normal people but in the hands of professionals its a world beater and has the track wins to prove it. FASTLAPS DOT COM

Chad Singleton says:


BLT says:

sounds like a tractor lawn mower.

UALHVY says:

Why hasn't it then? You are smoking crack.

Sean Stanislawski says:

A true super car.. The main problem is the massive V10 & snout, wanting to push the nose out wide thru turns. Mid-engine & rear-engine designs are more stable due to weight transfer etc.. The Ford GT would put the Viper to shame with its SB 331ci, Mid-engine design, & aerospace frame.

TheFokker03 says:

bet it'd give them porsche's a run for their money!!

cooldude1669 says:

The Viper ACR made that Porsche look like a damn Honda. Truly, one of the nastiest cars on the road!

TOP Nürburg says:

today i recorded that same car at that gas station 🙂

tkotomy says:

dumbest comment ever

Ford, Chev and Dodge can put down numbers on the tracks and on the strip.

And they're SO MUCH CHEAPER.. yeah build quality blah blah blah but I guarantee they last longer than Euro cars.

Chris Wallenhorst says:

Speed wise yes they keep up with some of the best. But the problem with the Viper and Corvette is that they seem to be built solely for the track. Sure they have elements that make them a car that you could drive everyday. But other super cars do that much much better. The design and quality of other super cars is also superior. With the corvette and viper you're mainly buying the horsepower and that's about it. Don't get me wrong they're great cars for the track but streets not as much.

guillermo gallardo says:

My favorite car

Bmxthegr8 says:

Lol zr1 and viper not a supercar. That's a joke. A zr1 smokes a $400,000 lambo and it's 1/3 the cost. Look at the zr1s nuremberg

greeek777 says:

Viper is a great car, but if you don't know how to drive don't buy one!!! Yes i do own one!!! It's bad ass.

ctr says:

-hey ! look ! there is a GT3….

DrPlatypus1 says:

Pure orgasm.

07Z06ss says:

Germans/Italians NEVER had a thing to do with the Viper except Chrysler asked Ferrari about a more exotic looking interior. The engine wasn't touched by Germans or Italians. The 2013 Viper still utilizes the 8.4 V10. Americans designed it without the aid of Germans or Italians despite the rumors people like you spread. The exterior was designed with a similar style towards the older GTS. Chrysler still owns rights to the Viper. Smh at people like you who don't know what they're talking about…

DavidoggL says:

That's why the Viper ACR have the time record on Nürburgring and a top speed of 401 km/h…

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