Don’t Ride the Clutch! Or THIS Happens featuring a Subaru Impreza

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Don’t Ride the Clutch! Or THIS Happens featuring a Subaru Impreza

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Stefan Czechorski says:

Excellent vid Brian! I have done this job on my 2002 wrx: I feel it is actually easier to pull the motor than remove the trans. on a clutch job as with the former, you spend almost no time on the floor!
Perhaps you could add or at least mention that on this job and with many Subaru's it is absolutely necessary to remove the clutch fork PIN, because if you don't (or are unaware of this step) you will NOT be able to separate the motor from the trans. !!
There is a small access plug on the drivers side (LHD cars)of the trans., once the plug is removed you will have access to a threaded hole in the middle of fork pivot pin (I can't remember the metric size or the hole and thread pitch – but you will need a 4 or5 inch bolt and thread it into this hole. Now, simply pull on the bolt and the pin will come out of the side of the trans . Now , the motor will separate from the trans!.
Also, don't do this step until you are ready to do the job, as you will not be able to get the throw out bearing and fork back into the correct position without removing the motor – that is, you can't get the pin back in (the fork falls out of position).
This would be great to show Brian, if you ever get into another one of these projects.

RareDiamond Ching says:

Awesome, thank you!

TABRAO says:

Every woman i know keeps the clutch pushed down instead of putting the car in neutral. I tell them but the wont listen.

Amin Hosseini says:

No possibility to take off the gearbox and change the clutch? ?

Windows98 says:

The clutch is depressed

Kuntal Ghosh says:

who uses cctv cameras to make videos ? lol

Adam Higgins says:

Thanks for taking the time to make this Brian

jeverettrulz says:

great video!  happy new "sube-scriber" lol  thanks!

Steve T says:

I'm amazed you didn't machine the flywheel before installing the new clutch, I thought it was always required.

Mike Studmuffin says:

I wish I was royalty.

first last says:

Hey, as I was watching this, I thought to myself that you sound like you're from Utah…and I was right!

first last says:

That looks like an uuuuuugly job. I once had an '89 Tempo that I brought in for a clutch…I told them that we might as well do the steering rack while we were at it. They got it done…and then told me never to bring it back! ?

David Gruen says:

Not using a torque wrench when installing a clutch? That just ain’t gonna last. Bad mechanic.

Kid Mechanic says:

I always either put it in neutral or sometimes downshift when coming to a stop. When sitting at a stop I ALWAYS leave it in neutral unless I'm only gonna be there for a few seconds.

Johnny B says:

First all electric Subaru.

Kamel Boutcho says:

11:37 , some nice finger job

Alex K says:

Did you change the small ballbearing on the flywheel? When i change the clutch. It seems fine but, when take out. It's totaly busted! No clues outside… That's is broken.

Gustavo Belmonte says:

Is it a 2.0r?

Warren says:

thanks! awesome video

Aldo Ivan says:

The problem was the clutch's hydraulic actuator not the clutch… am I missing something?

ceejay1992 says:

How else do you launch your car though? With AWD it's easier to slip the clutch than the tires, no?

Paul Haywood says:

Excellent job!! And thanks for being a great person!!!

charging7 says:

Its been said that people don't care what you know until they know you care. Thx Brian.

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