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DRAG RACE | Mercedes-Benz G500 4×4² Vs. Toyota Land Cruiser Vs. Nissan Patrol

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An uphill desert drag race, with the only term of: Cars must be stock. What do you think of the result?

Special thanks to @Offroad_bug for their help on this video

-Mohamed Al Mutawa
-Abdulla Jaafari
-Mounir Habib

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Chelghoum Zakou says:

تحياتي لي فلسطين

Hamad says:

المرسيدس سيارة معدله مهيئه للبر تجيب جيب وزنه ثقيل سيارة عوايل تقرانها بهذي افجي معدل بطلع عليكم كلكم

ashraf alex says:

motherfucker drive those 2 other cars in the middle road then compare.

Edgar Cardenas says:

That H P H T Benz it can only be a match if you place the same xar structure…there are the no so cheap the LC 11 by Toyota

Edgar Cardenas says:

Come on dude that mercedez is High torque and high profile high terrain vehicle meanwhile the others two are just normal high profile…what you expect?

فهد المزيد says:

لاند كروزر

حمده ال says:

راعي اللاند غبي ما يعرف يسوق ليش يهدي

Aziz AA says:

Das beste oder Nichts

Jana Amer says:

1 mercedes 2 cruiser 3 patrol

Majed Almesfer says:

خبلان يكفي اسمه الماني مرسيدس

Aboodts says:

The toyota is the most capable, the Nissan is close second. The merc has the advantage of being higher otherwise given the way these cars were driven, it would've been the first to get stuck. Not an accurate test though

Paul Sison says:

would've been great if you add up range rover and a jeep

ManLikeMoizz says:

What does this prove ?!

sameer gujjar says:

this race is unfair because it was a Mercedes Benz G Class square and not a normal G Class.

هِہ إآلُجٍ۶فَرٍيَ says:

كلهم مايعرفون يسقون بالبر

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