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Drag Race: New VW Polo GTI vs Ford Fiesta ST

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It’s another Friday and we are thrilled to present Round 2 of our VW Polo GTI vs Fiesta ST track shootout – but this time it’s a good old fashioned straight line drag race.

A fortnight ago, Ciro was curiously delighted to see the Fiesta ST take on the new Volkswagen Polo GTI, with its new 141kW, 1.8 litre turbo engine which on paper meant the plucky Ford was outgunned. With Ashley Oldfield behind the wheel, we knew it would be close.

You can watch our hot lap track race video here:

But, sadly, very few owners will ever get to push their hot hatches around a circuit, so in some ways, the straight-line performance of these cars is more important.

Again, the new Polo looks much stronger here. It is has more power and roughly the same torque as the 1.6 turbo -powered Fiesta ST, but it is slightly heavier. However, as we’ve seen in our previous drag races, most notably the VW Golf 7 R vs Subaru WRX STI [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-PLpLhfJmA], the DSG gearbox is a huge advantage in drag racing, with almost no time lost changing gears up the strip. And fortunately for Ciro, almost no skill required either.

Which is why we put our very own ace racing driver, Ashley Oldfield, in the Fiesta ST, to give it the very best chance of giving the Polo a good run for its money.

And money, we reckon, is the most important and tangible difference between the two. The Polo is unquestionably the more premium product, but in terms of performance, is the R50 000 price premium worth it?

We were about to find out.

Interested in a new Polo GTI? http://www.cars.co.za/newcars/Volkswagen/Polo/GTI/

Interested in a new Fiesta ST? http://www.cars.co.za/newcars/Ford/Fiesta/ST/

For an ultra-detailed side by side comparison, visit our Compare page:

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Cee Jay says:

Sorry but the fiesta looks hideous and cheap inside and out. Give me a Polo any day.

jose rivas says:

thats ma boy

Chr Roh says:

Thats my no blue red orange lights FEscord (new old one…)​ ?​

Gavin Kwan says:

What the intro song title help please?

Ramy Farid says:

what's the name of the music piece in the beginning of the video please?

Latha Jaison says:

ford is best

GP Pretorius says:

Race is so close because the d#ckhead doesnt know how to launch the polo.

Joshua Alfonso says:

an automatic vs a manual are you crazy?

jovan sremcevic says:

Fiesta is 3 door and Polo 4 door !

Midnight Iguana Tattooing says:

I just got a 2017 ST crazy fun to drive ! shifts like a beast will pin you back in your seat when you put your foot into it

abe varghese says:

y dont u do this with gti manual …coz the idiot is sure that it will beat st …. ir y dont y bring on your st automatic coz he knows fords automatics suks …

Olivier Habex says:

If the fiesta was automatic, it was much faster!

Sgt Pepper says:

Fuck you!!! You race and cant drive a manual ?? Get a shower you look shit!!!

Kevin Reay says:

Does the polo have a feature where it grabs your balls when you put your foot down?! ?

Chilly Willy says:

Golf and Polo are ugly.

Paule wer? says:

So really? The Polo GTI got only 250 NM torque with automatic transmission. when You Buy it with the shifter the Polo got 320 NM torque! And is much faster Then the Fiesta!

William D Johnston says:

What we all know, Ford is not going to make any car, faster than their
Mustang GT. The Fiesta looks like it is going fast but I test drove one
in July and the top speed I got it on the interstate was only 122mph. Yes, I'm in the US and
it was a 2016. I bought a fully loaded Focus Titanium that I have had
on the interstate at 128mph. I run Pirelli 18 pzero nero perfomance all
season and have no trouble taking curves on intercity interstates at


fuck that. step up and get a Focus RS!


fiesta is as common as fuck.

thegoldenchild661 says:

now put them on the track

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