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We put the 2020 Porsche 992 Turbo S up against the 991 GT2 RS in a drag race! Conditions weren’t ideal which should favour the 992 Turbo S which has 4WD. However the 991 GT2 RS has a power advantage and is lighter. What will happen??

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Thumbnail photo @paulhphoto
Filmed & Edited @mrjaymodi @marc_wheelhouse


888MF says:

We put the 992 Turbo S up against the 991 GT2 RS. The weather forecast said it would be dry, however when we turned up to film the runway was wet. We asked the 992 Turbo S to take the left lane as it had 4WD and therefore was the safer option. The right hand side of the runway was by no means dry and the the GT2 RS struggled for traction. We hope you enjoy and feel free to leave constructive comments below. Anyone leaving rude comments will be removed from the channel.

Forever Young says:

Mat Watson should do it

NighthawX says:

Porsche X vs. Porsche Y in the title, the first drag race where I dont know who wins.

But, as allways, it will be a Porsche xD

Martin Friel says:

What a waste of a video. Porsche lining your pockets obviously

Debbie Jones says:

You ran the Turbo S on the wet side of the runway so you need to do this again in dry even conditions. However, the GT2RS will hold its value and the Turbo S will lose its value BIG TIME.

duncan perry says:

You should change the side of the track. The left side looked water logged.

sundew2007 says:

its clear, the 911 turbo s is the apex predator nothing is faster than that thing nothing…

CHiEF says:

Turbo s is the quietest kid in the class.

A 2906 says:

So the Porsche won

RolDo says:

Turbo s
Daily monster 🥰

Voornaam Achternaam says:

left lane is wet, right lane is dry…

Risen Tamang says:

Need a better mic

Mark Ho says:

Now that was a good race. I love Porsche

The Automotive Troll says:

Turbo S for the real world daily grind and GT2 for the track on the weekends

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