Drag Racing (Career) TUNE – Stage 10 – 1 Mile – SSC Aero – Beat A.I.

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Stage 10 – 1 Mile – SSC Ultimate Aero guide to beat A.I.

The 1.0.3 update to Drag Racing Free was released yesterday and includes a “Career” mode. They try to get sneaky with you on Stage 10 on the 1 mile run (new addition with this update). In fact this is the most difficult level in the game in my opinion. You will be REQUIRED to fully max out upgrades AND tune the SSC Aero to beat the computer. I have came up with a crude setup to just beat the level. I am not aiming for best timing, but rather to just to alleviate frustration in winning this level. I’ve pulled this setup out on my 2nd try of tuning this car. I’m sure someone will refine and make this setup more accurate but with these numbers, the A.I. can be defeated.

Launch on 2nd gear, hit the NOS on 3rd gear, get a perfect shift or slightly late on 5th gear (must be perfect or slightly late shift on 5th or the computer will over take you on the last few seconds of the race)

If someone can come up with a faster time, please post it here! Mahalo! =)




With the new update my aero raped the ai at 303 mph

Mukul Ahuja says:

Can you give me the tune of carrera GT ? lvl 6? Please help

Al Marzian says:

SSC 1 mile settings I used Nos- 135% 2.22– FD- 1.956–1st- 1.965– 2nd- 1.674– 3rd- 1.391– 4th- 1.209– 5th- 1.039– 6th- .999 If you don't get the start right, you are wasting your time. Shift at 7 except for 5 to 6. I will be around 6.5. The Boss race is much easier. The 1 mile is a real bugger. Even with that set up I had to try several times. Getting the shifts right is the key. Done on iOS.

Farkle Frank The Nomadic Pioneer says:

im stuck on the 1 mile level 10 iv tried every tune and cant even get close to winning anyone have a tune please.

Michael Perez says:

Whant another video

Luis says:

What are the tunes you put??

Mateusz S says:

i cant upgrade somehow, when i purchase nitros i cant even move the bar, also that happens with everything else i bought, doesnt allow me to upgrade

Mario Rodriguez says:

ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty

miguel vizcaino says:

What about level 9 boss

xxsubterrorxx says:

what car did you use for stage 5

miatamilitia says:

awesome! beat it on my first try by .001 of a second!!!

D. G. says:

@georgeprowse same problem here

alexgxsr25 says:

Thank you. Work perfect for me.

Freddy Herrera says:

wtf why isnt this working for me i keep getting 16.70

Thorno _58 says:

**ive tried to tweak it but seem to loose it on the changes 3rd and 4th. Then by 5th he pulls on me. I'

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