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Drive test Peugeot 508

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Drive test www.arges-online.ro Peugeot 508

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Rodica Birla says:

My dad has a 2015 Peugeot 508.

Rodica Birla says:

Peugeot are good cars men.You have a shit car mister BMW.

Nur Qistina says:

I love this car. Continental it is.

محب الخير says:

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tomicalover says:

french!!! stop making shit cars, learn more from germany and japan frenchy. piece of SHAITZE….whoever own a peugeot, sell it dump it and change it to audi mercs BMW VW and PORSCHES

kxeight says:

انا انشالله بعد بكرة لون اسود , شكلها اسطوري ما شالله

Cabbotage says:

1:19.. i think!

1990Bourne says:

Peugeot has the best seats in the industry by far.

Not even a Benz can beat them solid foam no springs

1990Bourne says:

If the French want to sell this car they have to come back to the USA

for 20+ years they have been hostage to an old agreement from the former distributors
and dealers Time for the new government to get its head out of its you know where

chicasibir says:

Ура, в течение этого года- машинка моя!

Macenas.A.M. says:

@kmkktejcbaba Both of them are good, they're both Peugeots

YasithD says:

407 is much sexier than the 508!

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