Driving A McLaren GT To The UK's HIGHEST PUB

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Whilst visiting Alexander’s Prestige, they suggested we go to lunch at the UK’s Highest Pub, so I jumped in a McLaren GT for the adventure.

If you want to see more of Alexander’s stock, click here:

From McLaren about the GT:
The world has changed. The superlight McLaren GT is the Grand Tourer reimagined. Rejuvenated. And the results are extraordinary. Strikingly beautiful. And the lightest, quickest accelerating car in its class.

The GT is shaped by our relentless desire to challenge the established order. We took the key ingredients and reinvented and applied them in new, innovative ways. Then combined with the power and performance that is undiluted McLaren.

The GT is a supercar that is thrilling, yet refined, dynamic and engaging. Never before has a car with such incredible dynamic capabilities been coupled with such class leading refinement.
Beneath the muscular elegance of the GT’s body lies a masterclass in engineering and innovation. The new McLaren 4.0 litre twin-turbocharged V8 delivers 620PS and 630Nm of torque. Combine these figures with a weight of just 1,530kg, and performance is stunning… Standing start to 100km/h (0-62mph) takes just 3.2 seconds. While 0-200km/h (0-124mph) is achieved in 9 seconds. Top speed is as spectacular as you’d expect from a McLaren – at 326km/h (203mph). Built around its lightweight carbon fibre MonoCell II-T chassis, the GT has McLaren DNA shaping every bit of its personality. Lightweight with comfort and performance. Because more power shouldn’t have to mean more weight.

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A Duncan says:

Once you've left the airbnb please leave a link to it Sam!

BMW M2 says:

I'm not a fan of white leather as it shows the dye transfers from many clothes you wear. Too much work to keep it clean. Reasonable folks won''t put on a clean suit and gloves like Manny Koshbin.
If i wanted a GT car, I's probably go for the Aston or a Ferrari F12 or 812 GTS which would be more practical and comfortable.

eichler721 says:

The GT is a big improvement over the old McLaren GT cars. However a Roma is the better GT car no question.

Rob Tap says:

If I could have only one McLaren, it would be the GT or 570GT.

Blue over cocaine is always a great spec.

Chris Dyson says:

Great video, fantastic scenery and roads, brilliant editing. I think every mechanic is taught the same seven words on day one of training, “there’s just a couple of minor things!”

Bob K says:

You don't have enough comical issues with your cars. I still think you need a TVR 350/Sagaris and let the hilarity commence. 😁

Craig Campbell says:

Nice seeing people actually wear their masks, and go figure, we can still hear you all just fine. Well done.

Andy says:

Ah, Tan Hill… You're not too far from my area in The Lakes. You really should have a go over the Wrynose and Hardknott passes. Pretty much the only place in the UK where you wonder "How did they get the tarmac to stick".

Otto Sixpack says:

Was at a pub today 5750 feet high…was closed though…no halbe for me 🙁

Daryl Coates says:

Great video as always Sam. While you're up here you need to have a blast over the buttertubs pass, it's a great road with even better scenery.
It's about half an hour from where you're staying and is the road topgear used to film a segment featuring the 2nd gen jaguar xk driving on snow covered roads back in the day.

LeoVomend says:

you were in the better and better looking car

SportZnTouring says:

What a great location! Those roads looked amazing. I think I'd have been tempted to drive them again in the 360! Great content Sam! 🤙

Alex Harmon says:

Got a bulb out Sam

Blue Sky says:

You looked a bit like niki lauda today Sam

SenszR says:

Must get pissed well quick up there

Corentin Pecnard says:

Going to a pub, in a British car…can it get any more British ? :p
Great video ! I love your work, and I love those kind of Mclaren (being just dreaming of those cars, I can overlook the wrong sides ahah), I absolutely loved the 570GT when it was sold, it was my favorite 570 of the range. Love this video, great car, sunny day, nice countryside, amazing !

(and your 360 is still one of my favorite out of all the Youtubers cars, what a car, I love it)

minatormyth says:

For one moment I thought you were going to the cat & fiddle. But they are closed as a pub of course.
You know what, no matter what car you take for a check over, they always seem to find something. Just drive the thing and enjoy it, dont be looking for problems 👍


Another great video, what a dealership and region, makes me dream a little especially that pub, hum..

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