Driving My Friend's PAGANI HUAYRA BC MACCHINA VOLANTE! The Ultimate Hypercar?

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The Pagani Huayra BC Macchina Volante is the ultimate of the ultimate, a bespoke Huayra BC with attention to detail on another level! It’s one of the stand out hypercars from the Triple F Collection and they’ve kindly allowed me to take it for a test drive!

The Huayra launched as Pagani’s second model after the Zonda, with a run of 100 Gullwing equipped Coupes before the track-focused Huayra BC variant arrived. Officially the production was limited to 20 cars, offering more power and more extreme aero than the base Huayra. However, of these models, the Macchina Volante took things even further as a complete one-off and therefore one of the most special Pagani models to date.

Visually, the MV BC wears the original Zonda style mirrors and chimneys for engine cooling, while also being one of only 4 BCs to be equipped with the roof snorkel. The rear spoiler is a totally unique configuration, as is the engraved exhaust system, and also the finish to the interior. In fact, the attention to detail went so far that the interior is finished with plaid material that’s sourced from the very same roll as found on Fangio’s 1955 Grand Prix car.

Pagani models have always been famed for having quite the impression when opened up as a transformer; with both front and rear clamshells opening as single large components, and the gullwing doors moving vertically. Inside is housed the 6.0l twin turbo V12 making 850hp, connected to the automated manual gearbox and race derived suspension making a very brutal driving package.

There are big things in the works at the Triple F Collection, be sure to subscribe to their channel and follow on their social pages:

Thanks for watching, Tim

00:00 Intro
00:56 Exterior Walkaround
03:47 Interior Details
05:19 Engine Bay
06:42 Front Clamshell
08:05 Start Process
09:13 First Drive
17:52 Return to Garage
18:39 Revs
20:38 Conclusion

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Shmee150 says:

Now this was a surprise! The Huayra BC Macchina Volante is a brutal machine, being raw and aggressive in every way. A huge thanks to the Triple F Collection for the drive: https://www.youtube.com/c/thetriplefcollection

The LION King says:

Everyone to two famous guys who owned the exclusively speccd Pagani Huayras: why did yiu sell the car?
Kris singh: Horacio Pagani didn’t keep his word and started producing more models after the finale edition of Pagani Huayra BC!
Alejandro Salomondrin: Hmmm where do i start…that Bas**rd built same car as mine with just different interior and shipped it to hongkong for a buyer, so i sold my huayra 730S! He promised that there will be only one in the world! Urghhhhh!!
Horacio Pagani: it is juzzzzz businesss 🤣🤣🤣

Nova says:

I saw this car in the dealership a few months back. First Pagani, I had ever seen and it was stunning. Fast forward to last week, I go to a car show and see it again, this time there's a Triple F logo on there. I had only heard about them maybe a few weeks ago and turns out they bought it. Small world.

Andre S. says:

I can tell the badge from the rear is inspired by the logo of the band AC DC

Itiel Dos Santos says:

No other car like the Huayra

Az Raai says:

The only thing dont like about pagani is its side mirror. Looks like a plant growing on a beast. A turn off for me

Nobody says:

How can i find this hyper car . And what is the price of this car ? (pagani huayra bc)

StepBro says:

This is my favourite car in all the world, so beautiful!

Paul Flanders says:

Tim I'd love too see the total dollar amount on every car you have ever gotten to drive.i bet it's hundreds of millions

TheUnknownGamer 51 says:

Amg on the block?????

TheSingularity says:

Interior looks like shit.

Tunes4Life says:

With the amount of blue inside this car,this would be my ideal spec of a car!

Tunes4Life says:

That navy blue though… sublime,specially with the blue trims and wheels… absolutely lurrrrve it!

Digvijay Patil says:

I guess this belongs to Lamborghiniks Kris singh who also owns Veneno

DdotKelly says:

Got damn this car is loud. Like road noise loud

Rab McNaught says:

You can imagine 50yrs ago if we were to come across this car, it would be like finding alien technology on earth. Unbelievable ❤️🔥🌍

1 2 says:

i just sAY GOGO GADGET an te car crash!~

Тарлан К says:

Shmee150 👍

Didier Ursem says:

He should drive this car when the weather is a lot better so he can proparly drive this piece of art

Tim mckenzie says:

Nobody can educate Me better on all the itricate of detail of all thse AMAZING cars!!!!! Thanks for all you do !!!!!!Shmee150 continued success!!!!!

Angel Chavez says:

Que Belleza

Sebas987 says:

Faster than McLaren 720, 765, Senna, P1….(?)

You Tube says:

If you keep going like that without masking, you're gonna need Vaccine Covide

Quentin Shoemaker says:

Sorry our weather is TERRIBLE

TopSecretVid says:

As it should be for the price!

Jordan Lindman says:

Okay What Is A Pagani Huayra BC Doing In the Midwest? There are certainly no Pagani Dealers in. The Midwest that’s for sure

Hector Reyes says:

Pretty 😍

Street Cars TV says:

That is the nicest looking Huayra I have ever seen

Bastiaan - says:

I feel like the most special (and most beautiful Pagani) is the least special and least customized Pagani.

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