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The McLaren Speedtail is absolutely absurd, but that doesn’t stop us from driving our bespoke Speedtail! Rain or shine, we drive these McLarens.
INSTAGRAM – https://www.instagram.com/thetriplefcollection/?hl=en
TIK TOK – @The Triple F Collection
Film by Brice Milleson: https://www.youtube.com/user/bricemilleson
Photography by Cedric Owens: https://www.instagram.com/shotsbyced/?hl=en
Music Provided by Musicbed
Shot on:
Sony A7C
Sony Microphone
Sony 35mm
Sony 16-35
#McLaren #Speedtail #Expensive


Elias Enochsson says:

Looks like someone found a infinite money glitch


Manny has the hermes edition and the most expensive speed tail

Fake Lies says:

This is cap @manny kashkin McLaren speed tail xhermes

I _Lixツ says:

What abt many koshbin speed tail


The awkward jokes are tooo funny 😭😭

JC says:

Awesome. Great explanation of the workings of that magnificent car…

Tic Toc says:

that blue is ford fiesta cringe. at these prices you cant cheap out on styling next time get someone like hermes to give your car some class.

Solly Newman says:

We can’t see the carbon on the car

Jesus Fierro says:

Manny’s McLaren Speedtail Hermès Edition is more expensive

Ollie Belcher says:

You guys are hilarious! First time watching, and immediately subscribed. You guys make owning multimillion dollar cars very relatable to us non-owners.

XstonedmonkeyzX says:

There is something off about the "Vibe" of these guys (don't know if its on purpose for the camera) but great vids tho! 🤙

Ace007 says:

My type of dudes. Guys that can afford and actually drive these cars. If I could afford these cars, I would daily drive the fuckers. Fuck garage queens.

Isaac N says:

The opening in the rain was fire.

pttry Elissya says:

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Jeremy Anderson says:

I love the humble flex to every other Speedtail owner. TF does not mess around and backs it up by actually driving it.

Driven Automotive says:

Weird seeing the guy from Dude Perfect in a Speedtail

Mario Jr says:

I would definitely chose this over Manny’s Hermes edition. This one feels more special and looks better in my opinion. You just can’t resist some good ol’ carbon;)

Herme Bloom says:

Graceful in the heavy rain! Awesome when WET

My Account says:

An Hermes speedtail (Manny) prob cost a few $ more….

Alanthecat says:

v pretty car

Lol Hi says:

It looks so good in the rain lol omg

Drips Avill says:

I just had a Kanye moment “ manny koshbin has the best speed tail of all time

ValladolidArde says:

At first I thought… oh shit look at these three spoilt kids tryna be cool yappin about 500k options, how exclusive they are cos of their spec…. and then one kicks some covid crap boots or gloves BS!! HA!…. and then they all get in like best buddies do and drive this beast in the fucking rain!!! WTF!!! TOTAL RESPECT!! SUBBED!! the car is gorgeous, looks like its from another planet

Slick Mike says:

I muted when the music was playing

Roxind says:

I don't know which car, the T.50 or the Speedtail, is the true successor of the F1, but for sure that speedtail is way more elegant and futuristic than the T50.

hi there says:

I’m pretty sure manny khoshbin’s speedtail is worth more

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