Driving the New $3,000,000 McLaren Speedtail.

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Frank Mclain says:

F1 looks a lot cooler. Don't like this futuristic look.

Frank Mclain says:

I like the F1 a lot more.

fruity says:

last and first time here , very annoying man.

Alexander Buckley says:

Definitely one best garages ever. Ive seen all 3 of those zondas 👌👌👌👌

Metallica Fan! says:

Most Beautiful Modern Car Ever Made!

madshymax the gamer says:

tesla's have better launch then the speedtail

MrBoiseBomber says:

The speed tail reminds me of the Wraith Interceptor!

Ivan Calvin says:

fastFood is not good for your health

Aremin Foxxtrot says:

Completely misses the only $1,000,000 Lagonda Taraf in North America.

Juan Diego Velasco says:

5:59 thats what she said

Liyun Zheng says:

IS THAT A SUPRA!?!? 13:54

Cooney. B says:

Waiting for you to get & spec out a Porsche GT2 RS or GT3 RS.

ziju9820 ziju9820 says:

i mean its not new it was introduced in 2019

Nino Brown says:

You ain't working hard lmao bruh

Nino Brown says:

That lisp makes it unwatchable sorry

Florian E. says:

Do all those cars belong to the same person?
Is the second garage for those cars that have no space in the house garage?

Jean Andrei Aquino says:

The mclaren speedtail startup is half of senna and p1 1st hybrid hypercar

MrAccordKing88 _ says:

Look like a boat

Woyes Zaigirdar says:

Tesla roadster 2021 fastest

Woyes Zaigirdar says:

Check 10:22

Jason Welles says:

ion know if you should show this on camera..

maggie kramer-feldman says:

My fav is the Centenario

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