DS 7 Crossback SUV

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In terms of engines, stealing the show is the E-TENSE, DS’s own hybrid powertrain, comprised of a 200 HP petrol engine, two electric motors (109 HP each), a new 8-speed Efficient Automatic Transmission, a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 13kW/h and an out put of 90kW, and finally a powered rear axle driven by a second electric motor, providing extra performance and a 4WD application.

In total, DS 7 Crossback buyers will get to enjoy 300 HP, three driving modes (100% electric, hybrid, combined) and an all-electric range of 37 miles (59.5 km), with charging taking either 4 and a half hours, or 2 and a half, with a 6.6kW charger and a 32A socket nearby.

Aside from the E-TENSE hybrid model, the DS 7 Crossback will also be available with a choice of five Euro 6.2 compliant internal combustion engines, three petrol (THP 225, THP 180, PureTech 130) and two diesels (BlueHDi 130, BlueHDi 180). The previously-mentioned 8-speed automatic (EAT8) is said to deliver fuel savings by keeping engine speeds as low as possible, which translates to a 4% increase in efficiency compared to the preceding 6-speed automatic gearbox.

On the road, DS 7 Crossback owners can choose whether they’d like to drive or be driven, which is where the DS Connected Pilot comes in, allowing you to delegate driving and take back control at any time. Aside from predictable features such as Stop & Go Active Cruise Control, the on-board camera of the DS Connected Pilot can recognize broken and unbroken road markings, continuously analyzing the image of the road ahead in order to understand the surroundings. The system can move the wheel slightly whenever it detects a deviation from the road markings – possible between 18 mph (29 km/h) and 112 mph (180 km/h).

“At all stages of the design process, the guiding aim for DS 7 Crossback was to express refinement excellence and the best know-how implemented to the highest standards. The result is there to see, with an ideally proportioned car brimming with personality. It’s a perfect alchemy of strength and style,” said Thierry Metroz, director of style for DS Automobiles.

“Each material and each detail of DS 7 Crossback was inspired by the world of Haute Couture whose rigor and sensuality is visible in the very smallest detail,” added Metroz.

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