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ecoTEC 30: Jaguar i-Pace + Daimler take Tesla X apart

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Jaguar iPace Legendary Range (00:45)
Naughty Daimler rips Model X apart (01:25)
Tesla Model 3 deliveries started (02:15)
BMW + Porsche 450 kW Chargers (03.02)
BMW all electric X (04:03)
ecoWHOLESALE (04:40)
Honda move away from Hydrogren (05:15)
Delphi Autonomous (05:56)
CNG networks shutting down (06:43)
Tesla Truck Mathematics (07:38)
VW Long Range 100 weeks away (08:28)

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Arnis Tarassu says:

350kW, not 450

Max Schmidt says:

Every carmaker does that to take apart the cars of its rivals, it is for example well knows that engineers of
Nissan GTR disassemble completely a Porsche 911. And what Daimler had done to this Tesla model, was a fine art of
anti-marketing (nudging) to show under extreme condition how crappy this Tesla model is made, knowing that all those idiots and Tesla worshippers will spread this news instantly and going viral of the impertinence of Mercedes abusing their worshipped object. Its not the most sophisticated fine art of marketing and doing business towards its rivals but, Well done Daimler you got what you have expected, … "the quality" of this Tesla model is everywhere in the news, posted, shared, saved and in google cache, …. 😉

JeepCherokeeful says:

Good to know there won’t be queues at recharging stations!

cameron harper says:

Daimler is a piece if crap for doing that

Kenz300 x says:

Battery storage is a game changer making wind and solar base load power.
Clean energy production with solar panels / tiles and battery storage.
Clean energy consumption with electric vehicles.  No emissions.
 A new solar roof, battery storage, an electric car charger and an electric vehicle.
Solar panels are now being projected to have a much longer life than just a few years ago.
Electric cars, electric trucks, electric lawn mowers, electric snow blowers, electric tools, no emissions.

Kenz300 x says:

We will see how close the Mission E concept comes to the production model.
My bet is they will dumb it down quite a bit and it will not have the suicide rear doors or cool wheels.

Kenz300 x says:

Daimler needs to take a course in business ethics.
They could have easily just bought a Model X and done whatever they wanted to it.
Taking apart a car they did not own is just wrong. VW cheated customers by selling polluting diesels. Mercedes cheats a rental car company by disassembling the car. What is wrong with German car companies? Maybe people should just not do business with companies that can not be trusted.

Computer Guru says:

Good one Nikki. Shame on you Daimler. 🙂 Does Porsche have this alleged 15 min charge working? Is there a charging infrastructure?

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