Engine build time-lapse 840-hp Dodge Demon Hemi V-8 | Redline Rebuilds – S3E1

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We love doing Redline Rebuilds (almost) as much as you enjoy watching them. And when Dodge offered up the supercharged, 840-hp, Hemi V-8 out of a Challenger SRT Demon for our magical time-lapse treatment, we couldn’t say yes fast enough. Be sure to stick around until the end to watch us put that power to the ground.

More details on the project: https://www.hagerty.com/articles-videos/articles/2019/01/23/redline-rebuild-dodge-demon-hemi-time-lapse

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The Billdozer says:

*Begins sweating in Mad Max*

Fixing W/ Friends says:

Here I was thinking it was DOHC with the width of the heads.

Ricardo Escoto says:

Hecho en México 😉

Jackpot Arlen Ness says:

Чистое мясо

Valnei santos costa Costa says:

Esse tipo de motor é um dos mais favoritos que eu gosto pra fazer restaurações e ficar top em um belo carro clássico. 😀✌🤜🏼🤛

Dirk Diggler says:

Lovely, but doesn’t come close to “Godzilla”

raul bravo says:

Knight industries👍🏼

Ruslan Busuioc says:


M. Refaie says:

What a great engine ❤️❤️

Şemsettin Arslan says:

What name is soundtrak

Doc Radi says:

America's most powerful engine, "Made in Mexico". Lol

Andrew Langley says:

What a beast.

Leggo Myeggo says:

those headers are trash

Iqbal NasH says:

Anybody knows what the background music is?

Robby Ramadhan says:

Good job Master👍

Channel No longer in use says:

I wanna build one myself.

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