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Epic Jeep Wrangler Rollovers – Amazing Fails Must See Ending

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This is the best rollover video aout there toay. Full Rolling, Flipping, screaming, clapping, and congratulation. Jeepster moto; If at first you don’t succeed, roll roll again. Comend the die-hards who live off old tires and true grit. Goes to show a bad day Jeepin’ is still better than a good day at work! http://ProJeep.com

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RooFx says:

2:45 typical, coil bounce. 🙁

tom7601 says:

They need to make women sign a waiver that they swear not to screech at events like this…

Vaff angool says:

What kind of Goddamned asshole plays games with his dog's life like that? Fuck you cocksucker. I hope you are outlived by your goldfish.

Jim Holmes says:

That's usually what happens when you raise your Center of Gravity. My 1951 CJ3A is all stock and goes everywhere.

Jim Holmes says:

The smart occupant of the jeep, (The Dog), Got the hell out of there!

Gort Newton says:

They all had something in common… over $10,000 in damage.

Craig Norton says:

Why this isn't called "Idiots on Wheels" I will never know.

Lane Nicholson says:

Oh the jeep crowd.

Seth Boggs says:

What a stupid pos putting those dogs in danger like that????

Thurman53 says:

i love how the dog just booked it when the jeep flipped

Peter Anoia says:

1:24 the spotter realized he fucked up

92ext says:

4dr jk for the win!

atothez says:

This is why you buy the 4 door unlimited.

jdm_ eh9 says:

I love Jeeps, simply because the wheels are positioned as far into the corners of the vehicle as physically possible. But the combination of short wheelbase and high center of gravity makes for a rollover nightmare.

Smuckers T says:

That last one is a toyota land cruiser not a jeep. FJ 40 is my favorite car.

BT Printing says:

Stranger things wrangler things new shirts!

Ron Channels says:

This is why you buy a 4 door Jeep.

Zev Rand says:

the dog was like nope fuck this

luciano44 Romero says:

The dog said “fuck this shit, I’m out”

Mike Marley says:

Dogs were smart ones

Elevated says:

If I rolled my Jeep and 300 people cheered, I'd be getting out with my AR.

UselessLiberal says:

lmao @ 2:35

Speed says:

Last guy so stupid! To go off road and not wear a seat belt!

Maverick Silva says:

Poor dogs :11

shikhar sharma says:

jeeps are for off roading activities off road means when there are no roads off road doesn't mean you're climbing a mountain dumb people's

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