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EuroNCAP-Crashtests: BMW X1, Dacia Duster, Nissan Juke und mehr

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Die EuroNCAP-Experten haben fünf neue Crashtests durchgeführt. Geprüft wurden der BMW X1, der Dacia Duster, der Mitsubishi ASX, das Elektroauto Mitsubishi i-MiEV und der Nissan Juke. Drei Kandidaten erhielten die Maximalwertung von fünf Sternen, die übrigen zwei nur drei beziehungsweise vier. Die Sternewertung ist das Gesamtresultat eines Tests, darüber hinaus gibt es Teilergebnisse, die in Prozentwerten angegeben werden. Die Disziplinen heißen Sicherheit der Frontinsassen — beim Frontalaufprall, Seitenaufprall einer Barriere, eines Pfahls und Heckaufprall –, Sicherheit von Kindern im Fond, Sicherheit von Fußgängern bei einem Aufprall auf die Fronthaube und Ausstattung mit Sicherheitssystemen wie ESP.

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Mr. Sir says:

3 stars for the duster?? im disapointed

Herlina Roseline says:

BMW X1 2014 Good) Nissan Juke Nismo (Poor) Dacia Sandero (Good) 2011 Nissan X-Trail (Mariginal) Mitsubitshi ASX 2016 (Good)

Bilinçsiz Gamer says:

Juke en iyisi lan ×1 jip degil one oyle

Vighnesh Ravinthiran says:

i think nissan juke is the stongesr??

евгений клешня says:

в дустер лучше не садится

Slush Puppy says:

The original Q lazzarus version of Wild Horses is 100% better than this. She has an awesome voice and is brilliant live. Seen them at Marquee before it got turned into whatever it was turned into. As for the Dacia Duster – what a great car for the money !!!!!!

Николай Жильцов says:

дуся тема)даже капот менять не надо.вот сделали аппарат.беру только дусю остальное шалупень.

V6 (12-Valve Supercharged) says:

why are you so worried about crash tests and how safe your car is in a crash? are you going to crash your car? why are you worried. YOU WILL NOT CRASH!!!

Asgaard Sephiroth says:

Kakat de test, futu-va in gura

Buck R says:

One Dislike for your choice of music!!! It sucks!!!

Humberto Hepp says:

Aos Brasileiros, lembro que este duster aqui no teste tem airbags laterais que o nosso não possui! O nosso deve se 1 estrela, mas só de ver a coluna A se dobrando e o capô do motor intacto enquanto o da BMW se dobra ajudando a deformação progressiva… Fica bem claro que o barato pode sair caro…

andre patacchini says:

Some negative notes about dacia Duster: A pillar bends in the event of crash, the side crash invades more than the others, plastic pieces looses, injuring the drivers face, showing weak structure and bad quality of construction.

Carman World says:

Приора крепче

Nickey Gt says:

First song (cause some people asked) is Brad Sucks – Goodbye Horses
The original performed by Q-Lazzarus in 1988 (also used in the movie Silence of the Lambs)

roberto andronico says:


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