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evo Driven: Renault Megane RS 265 Trophy review

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evo magazine’s Henry Catchpole heads to Spain to drive the latest sporty Megane. We test it on road and on track.

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Ardhana Hariwidagdo says:


Happy Gorilla says:

I'm looking at buying one but what should i look out for in these RS 250 and 265? the ripped bucket seats? if its been tracked? serviced on time etc? and is the 265 much better aside from a bit more power?

Happy Gorilla says:

left foot braking?? huh…

M guy says:

Brilliant car. I own one with the cup chassis and it's amazing to drive. Best car I've ever owned. I just wish we had an autobahn here on the Gold Coast

Diego Gonzalez says:

This car is just spectacular. It looks beautiful, performs great, and you're not breaking the bank. I wish they were sold here in the US but unfortunately they aren't. Thankfully I have a nice sim wheel and Forza 4 on the XBox 360 to play around with, and I have to say it drives amazingly.

T0R1N0 [Germany] says:

Ahaha wolverine, the car-tester!

Nemanja Sukunda says:

WV is a joke in US not even 10th of what it is in Europe (quality wise). Veloster, Focus and Mazda 3 are waaay in front of WV. Had myself 2008 Megane and later on Clio. Peugeot 607 aswell. Was hoping that each vehicle after will be better but i was leaving my home with regrets day after another. You just dont wana have French vehicle especially not in US 🙂 (same goes with Italians)

P.S. This comes from a European curently living in Arizona and driving beastly Veloster turbo 😉

netmatrix75 says:

In Malaysia this car is priced lower than a GT86. It is a great performance/ package bargain to that over hyped GT86. We want cars that are fast and beat the shit out of other similar cars. Not banking on some drifting status that most does not have a chance to do it anyway. Yes the drivers of GT86 are probably good RWD drivers. But c'mon, this car is faster and just as capable or more than a GT86. 

M Rizqi Fp says:

i want one 🙁 really. it costs here in our country around $60k

laurent tellier says:

From 3:46 to 3:49 :that s why MRS is famous for…

Αντωνης Κ says:

to top the gan tis renault

Shahul Usman says:

I'm going to rent one of these when I go to the ring next month… best car without spending stupid money…

branot89 says:

Why we in Europe don't get cheap cars and cheap petrol?

Navin Indardeo says:

How would this hold up against a mazdaspeed 3?

Luiz Ramalho says:

Try to live in Brazil man! It's worst!

Mitch Baker says:

Not the best looking my ass!

princerazor says:

asia pacific gets it too

Louie Lambretta says:

lol u mf the us get everything, 1 win to the rest of the world

Jarolion says:

Best we have is the mini cooper jcw

den525 says:

I really wanted to stop watching when he said its not the best looking car…

chev256 says:

"i bet your v6 ford mustang eats it for breakfast!": in a straight line maybe…

paliccolo says:

Although this is an angry little car, i bet your v6 ford mustang eats it for breakfast! Which we cannot afford here. Also exhaust sound, interior quality and rear visibility is something i didn't like on the rs. Yet again it's subject to what you feel is right for you because my friend likes every bit of it.

kimzor1989 says:

Thank god US doesn't get this faggot FWD piece of shit.

Vitor Morais says:

I live in Portugal, and always wanted to go to USA,because I always liked American muscle cars…
you're lucky 😉

Phil Studley says:

I think they look awesome.

Lavish Beats says:

This has got to be the most underrated hatchback out everybody thinks the ford focus rs is like the god of hatchbacks but I've watched all of the comparisons and most reviewers say that they don't know which one they would choose or they will end up choosing the renault because of its practicality

derbigpr500 says:

Says an idiot who's cant even afford a bicycle.

Giorgio Valenti says:


Giorgio Valenti says:

Stupid idiot

Pandemonium Lig says:

Citroën is building a luxury brand: DS
Renault revives its sports brand: ALPINE
Peugeot also despite the crisis and its current financial problems, exploring the possibility of restarting a brand of prestige & luxury
The French invented the luxury not only in clothing but also in cars, & if they finally decide to reconnect with their glorious past, they build as before, definitely the best cars: "Impossible is not French! "as Napoleon said ^^

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