Exposing DISGUSTING "Worst Wrap Ever" on Bentley Continental GT

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A customer arrived with his freshly collected Bentley Continental GT ‘wrapped’ in white … from another company.

The wrap was SO BAD, lifting, peeling away, parts not wrapped AND with parts not fitted back properly. With the permission of the owner, Yianni walks around highlighting some of the absolutely appalling and embarrassing ‘work’ carried out on this GT… “it’s the worst I’ve ever seen” 😱

We are re-wrapping this car again completely, video of that will be out in a few weeks. Please take your car to a company with some experience in wrapping similar vehicles.

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:: THIS Bentley Bad Wrap VIDEO ::
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Jozsef Fabian says:

Why would anybody pay for this , I wouldn't pay if I see my car like this

Mirsad Begic says:

Someone should go to jail for this! Unreal!

Lbnewell 23 says:

Wow. I mean the wrap is bad but they have literally broken that car like bits of it are missing how can they step back from that and say. Job done

mark gunning says:

Yiannimize how can the owner of that company think he can send that Vehicle out he must be just think of the money. it gives (PROFESSIONAL people ) like yourself and your team a bad name there should be a company to re-port them so they lose there BUSINESS LICENSE to trade under

norbert v. w says:

ife seen it that bad but that was on a school project car so it was for beginners so thats expected but that looks just the same

Raz Ahmed says:

This is why you go to someone reputable

00 Spool says:

Looking forward to meeting you for a wrap! Just need to pick my lucky numbers first. Keep up the great content fella! Peace

themartino100 says:

Virtually speechless… I know I’m a bit of a perfectionist with my cars but this is off the scale man! Shocking ‘work’ 🤮

Captain Coffee Cake says:

Last time I heard about a wrap job this bad ended up with the girl having a kid 9 months later

xX3essoXx says:

Prestige Wrap UK is the scummy company , NOT Prestige Wrap Customs.


The car is white under the wrap so why cover a Bentley quality paint finish with vinyl the same colour, don't get me wrong you do good work but I just don't get why people want to cover beautiful paint in vinyl 😊

Luke Star says:

I wrapped my car had 3 bubbles but it’s was better than this for sure

I3lackSoul/Essex2010 says:

How can you as a customer leave the shop with the job done as bad as this and still pay for it ?? I would be fuming 😤

BigManEd says:

Also just wondering who wraps a car in white which is white

Miguel Lapa says:

Show the car after.
U guys are lit

alan williams says:

unbelievable i hope he did not pay any money for it, terrible.

Man Like Morriss says:

Its like you said, it looks like someones tried their hand at it for the first time. Garden shed jobbie 🙄

T C says:

Wrapping a white car in white wrap?

Alfa_giulia_satcyp (Chris Lag) says:

That work is shameful!!! How can they actually be taking peoples money and damaging peoples cars and get away with it? 🤦‍♂️


Saw a similar wrap on top gear in the 80s hot hatch challenge

Kompoism says:

I know what you meant when you said it Yianni, but I could not enjoy this video. This was painful to look at and the worst video I'ver seen on the channel. Not through any fault of your own or any of the guys at Yiannimize, it just pains me to see people taking money to do a wrap like this…It makes the indurstry look bad to people that don't know who is reputable, like yourselves. Obviously alot of people are clued up and know who is good and who isn't, just a shame that someones ride has been treated like this… and a CGT aswell! Glad he's got someone who knows what they are doing looking to help. Just hope the panels and sensors are sortable. If anyone can help you guys can!

Turbine 633 says:

If you are not prepared to name and shame, then don't do vids like this. for we know, it was Yiannimize that did this crap wrap and customer return to you, only for you to try and blame another company.

Frederick Reeves-anderson says:

Feel so gutted for the person who owns this awesome car

Brett Ooops says:

Shoddy workmanship that!

flipping salvage says:

They should be named and shamed yanni they give the industry a bad name and other people will waste there hard earned money getting a wrap done by these cowboys 👍👏

Jay P says:

I wrapped my car myself and it was no where near that bad. My car is pretty damn good actually. Also, it wasn’t that hard, just a little time consuming because I work full time also and I did it alone. And the bumpers were more difficult than the rest of body.

Rahin Shah says:

The quality is unbelievable

SNU. SNU says:

If there’s a set of keys stuck under the roof you know Clarkson did it ! 😂

Juan Fernandez says:

Can you re wrap it and show a before and after

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