FAIL: A woman tries to reverse the Noble M600 Carbon Sport!

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During the Top Marques in Monaco I have filmed this blue Noble M600 Carbon Sport. When someone asked the woman to park the Noble somewhere else, she did seems to have some problems with the reverse. After a minute of two, she get it and parked the car. It was quite funny to see, because there was a lot of traffic was waiting by her.

Another proof that women can not drive a supercar? 😉 What do you think? Let me know by leaving a comment behind!

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– Hans


Tom Lake Charles says:

I'm confused, how was this a failure?

DanyT77 says:

Tell me "why"??????….Pfffffff…

Owen Chua says:

If it's high speed, the driver will die instantly

GeorgeLovellGaming says:

BIG FAIL!! Nice try tho

Gabe says:

With the power of that car she could of clutch it to first from neutral then floor it quick and pop and 180 and that's pretty much a cooler an easier turn than looking like a lost rookie driver.

njguyzz21 says:

the only place i've seen women in a car is typically with their back right tire up on the curb. they love those curbs!

Ben O says:

how to wear our your clutch in two minutes

bimbeano says:

Its a man ……..

SS says:

what a bitch she is. This is why i left my wife and got myself a sports car. rather have that then some tied down marriage shit lol

Steve Utermahlen says:

Well…..that about says it all. LOLOLOL

‍ ‍ ‍ ‍ says:

Why the fuck would you let a woman anywhere near a car????

entityofme says:


[Shakes head] Gee I wonder why there has never EVER been a female champion race driver of any class or division in the history of motor sports?

BlackWind says:


UTNerd24: Future content undecided says:

Women and Supercars go together about as well as Mentos and Coca Cola.

The Doomer Podcast says:

Who in their right mind gave her the keys?

Andrew Stewart says:

Bless her.. She was going her best.. Hey that reg plate looks like it could be Damon Hills!!

Martin Ivanovski says:

women are terrible drivers……

Chris England says:

get your ass back in the kitchen!

Adam Jones says:

That's Damon hills m600

The Son of Mesopotamia says:


KittyNipz says:

1:19 Autobots, roll out!

Thomas Semeniuk says:

The sound this car makes!

PC Master Race says:

What an earth was she actually trying to do?

Sujanedran Pillai says:

thats why .. womans should not fucking drive !!! 

Nabil Shamsudin says:

Caught you wearing a pair of Converse .

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