FAKE Bugatti Veyron!

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At today’s Pittsburgh Cars and Coffee meet someone brought this Bugatti Veyron “replica”. Based on a Mercury Cougar, it’s apparently 1 of 10 made. The attention to detail is pretty good for a fake exotic, but as you can see, many things looks a little off lol. What do you think about it?
Check out my videos of real Bugattis:

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kuda besi says:

I dont care real or fake..what is more important, the car awesome😎😎😎

420 subscribers with no videos challenge says:

Plot twist: It’s a real bugatti

Impossible 7233 says:

imagine giving this to one of those spoilt kids 😂 😂 😂

Daniel Chavez says:

Nice car. Cheaper than 2 million $

Frank Williams says:

I thoght,it is not a replica and they are just fooling us!

Arda Ünlü says:

honestly if the front end was done better it would've convinced a ton of people

Intercity455 says:

I feel bad for everyone that sees it from a while away and for a few seconds think they found a real veyron

Daysen Jerome says:

Y'all are some dummies

Lance Hondrade says:

Now swap a W16 in it.

Princewhite says:

Id drive it

otaku yt says:

Man this so siiiick

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