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Fast driving with Suzuki Swift Sport

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Fast driving with Suzuki Swift Sport – Nea Makri – Dionysos 🙂

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Stefanos Kassoris says:

this is low driving………!!!!!!!!

stefander says:

go on a race track. retard

ex 14 says:

You drive like a cunt

Franky Deschamps says:

the suzuki swift is a race car, I drive swifts since 2006 And now the new one!AGAIN an incrédible car!!! Qualité is japanese!!!

Qaisar Abbas says:

again make this and upload thanks excited nice………

Xristos Koukoumis says:

Oh yeah he is Greek and Greek roads Nice driving just don't hit anyone and better drive to abandoned roads Ωραιος φιλε…

Xristos Koukoumis says:

I Think that video isfrom Greece if i'm wrong say to me please

Xristos Koukoumis says:

Nice drave but forbeaden

mcgrago says:

Temporary greeco!

Marco Di Maria says:

best fake ever.

Ilias pap says:

Sss for ever

Acme says:

The next time you endanger yourself for a Youtube video, at least film it on a decent camera.

maninorange says:

You're nuts. Looks like fun though. I want a SSS so bad 😛

Glenn Williams says:

Hope your dead

AGenericAccount says:

Oh my good driver dangerous driver

turbojohnyS says:

Are you still alive?

swagonwheels says:

You obviously missed the Adelaide hills many Victorian back roads, endless opportunities for some fun driving in NSW and QLD, and the list goes on, even in the NT between Katherine and Victoria River there's a great little road for some fun. The road is what you make it and what can be done safely, this clip shows a fool.

fabian hinds says:

is it a standard engine and exhaust?

Ben Chesterman says:

i think nz has the best driving roads , heaps of turns and windy bends, australian roads a shit , no fun

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