FASTEST TOP GEAR LAP? Ferrari SF90 Stig Lap | Top Gear: Series 29

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The 986bhp Ferrari SF90 is, unsurprisingly, no slouch. But just how un-slouchy is it? Well, here’s our tame racing driver lapping it around the Top Gear test track and smashing the previous record held by the Ferrari 488 Pista.

Want to see more from the SF90? If you’re in the UK you can watch Chris Harris’ full review of the nearly-1000hp beast on BBC iPlayer right now:

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Top Gear says:

[SPOILER ALERT] If you haven't seen episode one of the new series, you might want to hold out… or if you want to see one of the wildest laps Stig's ever put together, then watch on!

Anes Budiman says:

Ferrari: w3 ArEn'T iNteReSTed In 3l3cTric c4r5.

But I reckon it is fast.

Hi There says:

This is definitely the fastest lap on Top Gear ever. I love the SF90 but as Chris said in series 29 episode 1, a car that puts technology before the driver is not the sort of future I want and I agree. I think companies like Tesla also need to be careful not to cram the cars full of tech and not leave room for the driver, I do really like the SF90 and wouldn’t want to criticise it too much but I really think we need a bigger boot 🤣. If Ferrari are working on a new model, fingers crossed that it will have adequate boot space. Other than that, what a great lap and perfectly handled by the Stig as usual. Very lively with the ESC off, very lively indeed!

vlrbts vtae says:

i bet u miss jeremy's "and across the line"

Oat Meal says:

Beast Mode.

Zoltan says:

Wow, Top Gear has missed a LOT of cars… It is easy to be the fastest if none of the competitors are present:)

udip21 says:

The way this thing launches 😳

Dan says:

Its all over joint

Isaac M says:

Stig is getting sloppy…🤦‍♂️

Matthew Fitch says:

This show is nothing without the trio

Zee bass says:

What an animal

Kostas Mav says:

It sounds like a vacuum cleaner

Daniel Uccheddu says:

Alot of unhappy McLaren boys, lol.

Tony W says:

0:39 nice short shift of 2nd gear.

Pedro Chimp says:

I much prefer the FXX

Romeo Romexe says:

"aaand cross the line!" Cit. Jeremy Clarkson

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