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The Ferrari 812 Superfast is the Italian company’s wildest GT car yet. It’s a front-engine, rear-drive continent crusher that is also uncommonly clever beneath the skin and obscenely powerful. Here’s Chris Harris’s with his verdict…

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Sung Sung says:

he needs the rims black

hockeymann88 says:

Gears are shorter and the engine is more powerful. Does Ferrari secretly want to kill you? What a way to go, this thing is a seductive beauty.

Cj B says:

Still like the aesthetics of the F12 better. But the sound, my goodness!

Dondi C says:

What’s the point of putting a helmet on if you don’t strap it up properly?

W - says:

I was all set to buy one UNTIL I discovered it has Forced Lighting. You cannot turn off the daytime running lights while driving. Two government studies have shown daytime running lights do NOTHING to improve safety. But they do make the car look like a Christmas tree, and the driver look like a sissy.

Boog Boog says:

Did chris never do anything else on the 812?
Seems odd, car is hailed as one on the all time greatest

Amr Saed says:

Sound is amazing

k.b. rich says:

The vehicle's not very gentle'/!!!

Ian H says:

Some poor chap has to dish out 300k for this one car, while Chris gets paid to drive multiple sports cars…for free. The life

Raymond Puppan says:

Beautiful! Great impressions on that car!

Overcast Friday says:

4:30 sorry mate, it is wider than the 599. Instead of complaining about car widths, have the uk convert some of its socialist tax revenue into road widening projects.

Pier Luigi Culazzo says:

Smaller than the 599?? the 812 is almost 1 cm wider (197.1cm vs. 196.2cm for the 599)

SydneyPhotography2019 says:

Ferrari gotta send me one

Jay Bilis says:

Haha, love it!! Its a road car 👍😂

Marco Panzanni says:

Fake exhaust tips on a 300K sterling Ferrari with bland steering …at least it looks good… oh how low have we gotten 'rarri… how low.

dazzaburger says:

How more powerful are these front engined ferraris going to get at some point in the future were going to have a 1000+hp grand tourer.

Nevie Ortega says:

and this dudes talent is immense…………

Nevie Ortega says:

Thanks to Chris Harris, those other morons speak a whole lot of shit!

Dezso Simon says:

I understand that this is a front mid-engine car, so how I wonder how its handling compares to the handling of a rear mid-engine car such as the LaFerrari or the 488 Pista?

wreckage 3001 says:

I ordered one because of this video.

Isacco Bagagiolo says:

F12 family car? Lmao

farbod niazi says:

now compare this with the F12 review by Jeremy Clarkson and you'll realize what we're all missing

Drmcx says:

So, where mainstream manufacturers go for downsizing and turbochargers, Ferrari ups the displacement of their already massive V12. They take no shit.

VintageHQ says:

Chris Harris is a good driver, but booooring!

Mickey117 says:

I really hope the 812 isn't the last V12 Ferrari will ever make😩

Kalle Sundqvist says:


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