Ferrari LaFerrari parking too close to a Porsche GT2RS

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Falcom Brown says:

Damn… My heart…))

lacros CJ says:

No camera 😶

Mojahed الكهالي M says:

الفيروسات خلت الكل سواسية الي راكب فيراري والي راكب حمار
هذه حكمة رب العالمين .

Issa Oulhaci says:

Ou lala c chaud

Jack Leo says:

Nice skill. Nice car.

Domenico Vono says:

Io al proprietario della ferrari, gli avrei bucato le gomme, rigato la macchina, sempre se si può definire macchina quell'obrobrio, e poi l'avrei anche fatta portare via dal carroattrezzi

Anoop Vijayakumar says:

Who saw the lamborgini urus in front of laferrari

A B says:

Dumb video…..

primesetter says:

Ferrari telling Porsche to kiss my ass bitch

Ray Jones says:

All that money for this car and no back camera?? 🖕🏿🖕🏿

elias gill says:

Now imagine That the pilot does not listen to the helper and continues receding🤣

Ford Galaxie says:

Most of these cars are worth half of what they cost 3 years later if not less.

Cetebox says:

Cualquier dia le pegan al aparcacoches…

hasan demir says:

Hakkımı yiyen bok 💩 yesin

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