Ferrari Reveal Their 2020 Car: The SF1000

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Scuderia Ferrari reveal their 2020 contender at the Romolo Valli Theatre in Reggio Emilia, Italy.

25:40 – Car Reveal
28:57 – Mattia Binotto Interview
31:01 – Sebastian Vettel Interview
34:17 – Charles Leclerc Interview

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Xiancy Casabar says:

I'd rather take f2004 than this.

Carol Joseph says:

Used to love Ferrari, used to be a big Ferrari fan and i'm left disappointed after 2020. It's amazing really, a famous brand and a prestigous one made a car that could only compete against williams and Alpha tauri instead of The silver arrows and the Red Bulls

SociaL JusTice Warrior-_- says:


Timo Klein says:

also known as the shitbox

mariolis1000 says:

"Its a ferrari !"
"Its a shitbox !"

Josefina Bravo says:

Who is watching in 2021 ferrari was a shitbox

Sulthan Ishard says:


lore scalvo says:

nice tractor

T-90 A says:

Once upon a time there was a fastest ferrari in the jungle

Abhijit Morab says:

The best part of the video starts at 42:53

Johannes Gebhardt says:

It actually was last years livery without black…

XNico07 says:


Nari says:


Leclerc says:

Sebastian vettel (smooth) and Charles Leclerc (aggressive voice)

Nori says:

came back here after the mclaren launch to be reminded of what a car launch is

Toniolo says:

momentos antes da merda acontecer

Tommaso Melisurgo says:

Ue uagliò bella sta machena

Jelwin G says:

The scene before f$@ked up .

Involved In It says:

Well… now I know where all the budget for the 2020 season went…

Niteesh Menon says:

SF1000 huh. After the 2020 season. I don't think it deserves such a intro

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