Ferrari SF90 Stradale – Ferrari Adelaide Preview

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For more information please visit Ferrari Adelaide, based in Adelaide, South Australia.

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V Valle says:

Everybody complain about this car, and everybody here can't buy it, either me.

B. Sulistio says:

Ugly front nose paint combination

RaGoCars says:

beautiful car

Videos of all time. Online says:
FARRARI F8 TRIBUTO 2021 Is Now on the Market.

Donkey Kingkong says:

Why he's so stiff

BlessedLucky Official says:

I love this car 🔥🔥🔥

周周军 says:


the truth never hurts says:

Another Corvette with a donkey logo

Missouri Teebomb says:

Looks like a corvette

Xander Lee says:

Pity its so ugly.

K Lawrence Kiewhuo says:

I am definitely going to buy this car.
First let me close my eyes and starts dreaming…

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