Ferrari SF90 Stradale | Hot Lap & First Drive | sport auto Tracktest

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sport auto-Testfahrer Christian Gebhardt im neuen Hybrid-Supersportwagen Ferrari SF90 Stradale mit 1000 PS Systemleistung.

Den Test lest ihr in sport auto 08/2020.
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Alex K. says:

Allrad mit 1000 PS und dann genauso schnell auf 100 wie ein 15 Jahre alter und 2 Tonnen schwerer Bugatti Veyron. Lächerlich. Und wenn der Tesla Model S Plaid erst mal kommt, dann ist eh Schluß mit lustig.

Aswad Ahmad says:

Fxxk Evo paling power

Robert K says:

Herr Gebhardt…upshift?

MyCars says:

Looks like a Vette.

touseef Bashir says:

Ferrari is way ahead of Lamborghini and McLaren…

TheRoggan123 says:

Extremely impressive performance, but is it a drivers car?

Mr Rubenstein says:

Not impressed with the looks or sound. I love the la ferrari it reigns supreme

mehmet çimen says:


Justin Allen says:

super tail happy for all wheel drive

Benjamin Battles says:

Anyone else notice the backwards audio at 2:36 ?

HeadPack says:

Lexus front and Camaro rear. No, this is not the next super car from Ferrari. This, it appears, wants to be perceived as something else.

iLLGT2 says:


krspice says:

For a good few minutes, I didn't even realize I couldn't understand what they were saying lol — just enjoying the car

BrainFuck10 says:

That thing is UGLY
The C8 Corvette looks better! 😆

Steven Alush says:

I was falling asleep until the la Ferrari came out of no where

MarkoTiano says:

I hope this ain't the successor to LaFerrari because it sounds absolutely trash. Seriously Ferrari and supercar companies need to stop with these turbo hybrid engines! There is nothing like a v12 naturally aspirated engine..but I guess that's what the future has in store for us…garbage.

T S says:

V12 would be much better

Kevin Beausoleil says:

It’s not a 12 cylinder. Get over it and stop trying to compare apples to oranges.

kubemaster says:

I think the front is ugly. I’m sure it’s functional though.

Vaughan Hall says:

It’s not meant to be the Laferrari successor, it’s the 812 Superfast successor

Victor says:

Rear=Some weird design.
Sound:Meh, for that price it’s very disappointing.

Gianni Ferrari says:

Im sorry but nothing beats a Ferrari 458, naturally aspirated with modified exhaust…

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