Ferrari SF90 Stradale – The most powerful Ferrari ever

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Ferrari introduces its first series production plug-in hybrid supercar, the SF90 Stradale.

The Ferrari SF90 Stradale has a 90° V8 turbo engine capable of delivering 780 horsepower, the highest power output of any 8-cylinder in Ferrari history. The remaining 220 hp is delivered by three electric motors, one at the rear, known as the MGUK (Motor Generator Unit, Kinetic) due to its  derivation from the Formula 1 application, located between the engine and the new 8-speed dual-clutch transmission on the rear axle, and two on the front axle.

The SF90 Stradale is also the first Ferrari sports car to be equipped with 4WD, a step necessary to allow the incredible power unleashed by the hybrid powertrain to be fully exploited, ensuring the car has become the new benchmark for standing starts: 0-100km/h (0-62mph) in 2.5 sec and 0-200km/h (124mph) in just 6.7 seconds. Maximum speed: 340 km/h (211 mph).

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MARK Murphy says:


john hooker says:

Quanto è bbona… 😁

Jason Fallon says:

Video should get an award alone.

فهد سعود says:

اوعدنى يارب

Davi Teles says:

Simply just wonderful, nice and etc…

Vello Nathan says:

Dream to have one

André Terzi says:

Eu achei meio bosta, muito simples e barata pra mim, mas talvez eu compre uma para ir na padaria aos domingos

Rafael de Souza says:

Top. Talvez eu compre uma SF90 Stradale.

Stefan says:

Der sicht so scheiße aus. 💩

Linda Schrump says:


Ray 832 says:

It’s one thing to be futuristic but in my opinion, it should be looking a little more Ferrari

Endang Setyawati says:

Like ofcource but when Ican have this Car expensive.If I get Win Lotere Jackpot I have this Car. EndangSetyawati

GeorgeFlippin says:

Can it beat my 1200hp Honda Civic?

mr power rem villamor says:


Alberto Gemma says:

La classe sopraffina dei modelli ferrari sembra provenire dallo spazio siderale, non esistono rivali eguali in fatto di macchine, l'italia docet. Originali, affascinanti, potenti ma non sgraziate, allo stesso tempo plasmate per essere l'icona dello stile automobilistico mondiale, potesse fluttuare alla ricerca di nuovi mondi, sarebbe insignita della massima riconoscenza intergalattica, semplicemente FERRARI.

Carmen Chicas says:

Lindo bomper

kosala sandaranga says:

GTR for ever

Skajaquada11 says:

Alright, they brought back the 4 taillights…..

Truong Thuy Mai says:

Can it beat a first gen Tesla?

menabrea64 says:

Only made in Italy

Kö Skan says:

Este ferrari igual lo quiero yaaa

Athony Nesbitt says:

When will these designers learn no matter how Rich some one is you cant buy driving skill, to often i see Rich people recking there cars why because 700-1000hp is way to much for the streets & these cars weighs next to nothing😂😂😂😂

Lolke Van de Witte says:

Like the MC20 better…..

Juergen Koenig says:

Red Corvette ? 🙈

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