Ferrari SF90 Stradale – The Science Explained

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The SF90 Stradale is Ferrari’s new halo car…and it’s a hybrid. With a twin turbo V8 and THREE electric motors, Ferrari has gone back on what they once said and finally engineered a supercar with some plug in electric juice. In today’s B2B we are gonna look at what’s going on with the rearing-buff-horse’s hybrid system, as well as the F1 technology in it’s twin turbo V8. Then we’ll dive into why it took Ferrari so long to get with the times. Are all electric power plants the future of Ferrari? Is this Ferrari more Prius than Ferrari? Do you like Ferraris? Do you like Donut? Do you even read this? Let me know in the comments.

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Donut Media says:

Where does the SF90 stack up in the list of greatest Ferraris ever built? – Jeremiah

joe r gonzales says:

Ferrari STILL places the turbos on the outside of the banks WHILE Mercedes and BMW places their turbos within the V configuration of the ICE platform for a tighter package.

Elijah Fox says:

Thought this was Tosh.O

The Ritual Channel says:

You mean: 2 camshafts…….per cylinder bank rite?

Artemis Bird says:

One word Jeremiah, Koenigsegg.
Now let's talk about shipping that dirt bike

288 GTO says:

Ferrari had turbo engines way before f40…..

CAPT: SUN says:

I like the fact that everybody at donut have a sense of humour even the editing dude.

Arcade Depot says:

Yanks can't say 'regenerative' really ?

Arcade Depot says:

The day that Ferrari makes an electric car, is the day that Ferrari dies…

Stalingradguy says:

Hey that's the itali RSX from GTA 🤣🥴

Ibrahim Bashir says:

One Ferrari that destroys each and every car in the entire lineup of Lamborghini and Mclaren…

Laura Brown says:

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Joshua Wilcox says:

not a fan of you trying to be funny..pretty cringe really.

Dar Win says:

Hell yea f40 for life

Drew P. Weiner says:

This car is a disgrace to what Ferrari is. No V12 and electric. And on top of it, it doesn’t look that good.

Ian R says:

This dude is anoying

Isaiah Gallagher says:

The best looking Ferrari

Bit Rage says:

Wtf?! Th8s is the new "Halo" car?!?! Omg no way can that follow the Laferrari!!! This is probably the worst disappointment in cars following the new Supra..🤦‍♂️

alexander bohm says:

they said they would never make a full EV like a Tesla…big difference. This car doest have 1000's of lbs of batteries. What batteries it does have would last 16 miles apparently.

Whst Ferrari has said they're actively researching are frame materials that can act as a battery and high discharge capacitors.

Sean Curran says:

Is it just me or is it technically a better car than the la Ferrari but doesn’t feel as special?

Ferrari FANS says:

Ferrari is still a Ferrari. And I love them!

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