Ferrari Stallone 2021 – next year Sport Car CONCEPT Generation

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Ferrari Stallone 2021 – next year Sport Car CONCEPT Generation

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Chan Yong Fatt says:

Cant understand what she said🤔🙄🙄

Rolf Gessner says:

Copie vom Porsche 918

Leon Sparkles says:

Porsche 918 Spyder 2021-2025 Next!

C. L. Bolen says:

I like this Stallone. But can't wait for the Travolta, Pesci or De Niro.

symp syma says:

From the side, similar like lotus evora and lotus elise…

Hazmi Rullah says:

Very is the best. 👍

Hazmi Rullah says:


Rahmatulloh Iqbaldamme says:

copycat koenigseg gemera

Leonardo Alves says:

Muito linda essa Ferrari

Ida bagus Udayana says:

I don't understand italy but i like piza,spagetti, its like boutique car in toys store

dA Leester says:

👁👁💬big guy…… relaX

Ron3k says:

Everybody gangsta until ferrari pop out with HayDay music

Anthony Palladino says:

Cool and Amazing. I don't care what anybody says I hope Ferrari will make A SUV!!!!

Leandro araujo says:

Se spiraram no porsche 918 Spyder

claudio yab says:

ow my god! this is a partner with Mclaren?? Ridiculous design, it's not Ferrari!!!

João Barata says:

Never can beat a Bugatti Norris!

RaGoCars says:


eric garcia says:

0:34 918 styling

Simon Nagtegaal says:

SSC tuatara RIP OFFF

Russ Kanaal says:
FARRARI F8 TRIBUTO 2021 Is Now on the Market.

TARiHiN iZLERi says:

2021 sports cars top 5 (2021 spor araçlar top 5)

Stelian Nikolov says:

It is funny how every new model of a hyper car from Ferrari makes the previous model looks obsolete. And La Ferrari and Enzo are still extraordinary cars …

Rabah Yahia bey says:

E una coppia della Porsche 928

coreone 369 says:

Gotta love those mazda tail lights

-:-Soul Bas-:- says:

ที่สั่งไปเมื่อไหร่จะส่งมา ?

Yeo 5265 Weitak says:


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