Ferrari's Blindfold Challenge With Vettel And Leclerc!

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Join Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc at Mugello as they take it in turns to take on a blindfold challenge…

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yusuf kocaman says:

Don't try this yourself.

Black Sabbath says:

We want vettel to race hamilton in sf90 and amg gt

bogdynamicul says:

Now the driver needs to be blindfolded

John Cannizzaro Jr says:

their such great friends, and have a lot of fun, but Ferrari ruined it

DetroitTonio 95 says:

I love the fact that they know the track like the back of they hand

Nour Khatar says:

Who’s watching this waiting for the next 2021 season

E. A. says:

Charles this is horrible LeClerc

DedMan28 says:

3:07 – Tricking Seb by doing a sBinnala. Cheeky… XD

yazan SY says:


Boffin Buum says:

Leclerc a lil genius

Migliorigno says:

"Where are we?"
"On the track"

Jack Baker says:

Wi are you blindfolded with a mask

R R says:

“Beautiful! Look at this turn six!” while blindfolded

Anant Girish says:

3:05 S🅱️inalla

Dragon KRIEG says:

Seb: NOW!!

Seb actually has a 6th sense jeeeeez

Dragon KRIEG says:

wonder how the SF90 stacks up against the AMG One and the Valkyrie

cool thought says:

Leclerc behave like the cheeky younger brother of Vettel…. sigh… this year will be the last they will be together

Himanshu Balyan says:

Next year Charles with Carlos will be fun ..
Seb with Lance …errr not so much

플로이드 says:

샤를 진짜 개귀엽당 ㅠ

Chesnick Gercken says:

A student will never outdo the master

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