FF 91 Prototype v. Tesla Model S P100D | 0-60 MPH Results

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“At 1.1 G, this car is faster than gravity.”

On 11.21.16, we achieved 0-60 MPH in 2.39 seconds with our FF 91 prototype during acceleration testing. A RACELOGIC Vbox3i system was used for data logging.

Our patented “Battery Boost Mode” motor software allowed our powertrain to vastly improve energy output and temperature stability, rapidly increasing acceleration potential from a stop. This is just the beginning, as FF Battery Technical Fellow, Steven Shultz, illustrates: “The more I work with this hardware, the more I fall in love with it…and we’ve only tapped a fraction of its potential.”

Prior to matching up against a Tesla Model S P100D, the FF 91 prototype bested a Bentley Bentayga SUV, Ferrari 488 GTB supercar, and Tesla Model X P100D SUV in 0-60 MPH acceleration testing.

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