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Fifth Gear – Ford Focus RS vs Renault Megane RS 250 vs Volkswagen Scirocco R

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Tiff and Vicki from Fifth Gear pitch the Ford Focus RS against the Volkswagen Scirocco R and Renaultsport Megane 250.

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Victor Matei says:

renault is no 1 after premium cars.


Wtf is this RS 0-60 7.3 more like 5.9

Anibal Gavilan says:

Renault tiene motor propio, Ford es de volvo y VW de audi

Mike L says:

As Colin Chapman said, "Adding power makes you faster on the straights. Shedding weight makes you faster everywhere"

Chris Dooley says:

Tiff can't drive to save his frickin life…

amélie PHILIPPE says:

Merci Renault!!! J'ai une mégane 3 RS..Oui  je suis une femme!! Mon mari a une M3 E92!! Il prend souvent "MA" mégane et il adore ça!!! Merci pour cette remarquable sportive…

NoMad says:

Renaut best!

MadeOfCrazyWood says:

The rs is the coolest but it also a "wannabe fast and the furious"

Roxak says:

wrong information if u ask me…

vhlemos1 says:

This Megane is just wonderful

AtomicElmo88 says:

I think the Megane rs will be faster than the porsche in a DRY TRACK.

fusion01wp says:

Less overall weight, less front-weight bias, probably less understeer vs the GTI R… view a review on an Audi S / RS with AWD and you probably have a close verdict on your GTI R.

dwain pipe says:

No Golf R once again. DSG 4 wheel drive. so they use the 2 wheel drive scirocco ??
why not use a Vw Up

captainkuru1 says:

The ring is the road, it's an autobahn and it's a very varied track. Renault Sport it's just the moste fantastic sports car maker!

tai2691997 says:

Oh, please people. Fastest on Nurburgring isn't mean it's the fastest on road.

fusion01wp says:

Both of these cars are so brilliant that truly to bash one or the other is pure stupidity. Good thing I've gathered is that either is quite different so if one truly was out to buy then the only way to make a judgement call is to DRIVE THEM BOTH and make a personal decision 🙂

Friday Harlowe says:

Lol !!! Make a better time than the Focus, even with a completely missed turn !!! LOL
Renault: winner !!

Ryan Liu says:

Tiff cant drive. He dunno left foot brake while pointing into the apex hence he keeps complaining understeer.

Dawid150 says:

still that megane is shit, and I mean it

Enrico Cestelli says:

can't they wait for the sun??????

Glaskruka says:

Dude the Megane is the fastest FWD on the famous Nurburgring, its official look it up will you?

Rafa Da Silva says:

8 People have payed too much for there car! 😀

Rafa Da Silva says:

2:53 … Créateur d'automobiles:D

brutzer888 says:

women cant drive !

Rafa Da Silva says:

Haha and this wasn't the Mégane TROPHY! 😀

Wio Perca says:

Bull schet race !!!!

gp680 says:

I have never liked this guys driving skills just bad.

gp680 says:

yeah they got that 0-62 wrong because the ford focus st 2013 goes 0-62 in 6.3, 6.4 sec

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