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Fifth Gear – Kia Cee’d

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Tom Ford tests Kia’s family car by going on a paparazzi hunt for Madonna.

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Grigor Penev says:

Actually, no way in hell it could go 150 mp/h..

TrashAccount says:

Daddy's car 😀

Hunter Manzano says:

It's the reasonably priced car the celebrity's drive on top gear!

jompaboy says:

KIA sucks a**!!! Its crap!

Ch1Frequency says:

@davidhalifax with maple syrup

TheCarArchives says:

the 2006-presnet Kia Ceed is assembled in
Žilina, Slovakia
Kaliningrad, Russia

Miller Memestar says:

@skipskops I know, I know. Especially the Skoda part.

skipskops says:

@MacGyver920 Elaborate why KIAS aren't good. This review totally begs to differ, as do many other reviews. KIA never WERE good, but the car market is changing, take skoda for example, that was a laughing stock. Look at it now. Sure they are now apart of VW, but it just goes to show that things change.

Take Jap cars, they rusted from the inside out, that changed, now they're some of the most reliable cars around.

James Tran says:

Fifth gear testing Top gear's car lol

Miller Memestar says:

@palebeachbum Kia's aren't good.

234jari234 says:

@palebeachbum The point is that the Kia Ceed is only available for the European market.
Ceed stands for Comunitive Europe European design *or something close to that*

Jason Coetzee says:

what kind of BS review was that?

skipskops says:

Pro_Ceed ftw!

Ryan Warren says:

my mate has this car, it's a nice car

Hyunwoo Maeng says:

@palebeachbum the same car is the hyundai i30 (elantra touring US name) they share the same plaform, a bit less features, but it has the high-quality interior

a05pshar says:

lol the heavy rain music

arielatom03 says:

lol its called the Kia Cee-apostrofe-d

Crazybenjiwoo says:

@palebeachbum they are recycled hyundias…. litterally.

4ddy23 says:

what`s with that little thing near the steering wheel? right to the air vent?

Transane says:

@palebeachbum many european super minis dont meet US safety standards.

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