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Fifth Gear: Mitsubish Evo X vs Ford Focus Rs

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Fifth gear compara el Mitsubishi Evo X contra el Ford Focus RS.

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KOB KOB says:

Tiff is a driving God

happyguyx1 says:

here thats fkn great these adds over the video all through—–who thought that up

tubestick00 says:

god i thought the rs would be 4wd !! FRONT ?? how shit.

madjid02 says:

i like the evo

Lawrence Carrillo y Morales says:

The Evo Obviously 🙂

short sighteddog says:

This is about driver ability and silly tv ppl.

Ziron2008 says:

is the Evo X $35k? lol! Another thing is that guy could not drift the RS worth a shit the driver does matter I'm curious as to why he couldn't drift when I see tons of video's of people drifting the RS

BaboonMF says:

Of course the Evo wins.

jhay aquino says:

I daily my 2015 Gsr X and i love it, comparing to this ford is nothing to this evo in all class evo allday all nigth

Hypersh0t says:

rematch with the new RS lol

Chris Kline says:

wow, these two are hard to listen to.


evo all day

Track Passion says:

the ball totally missed the goal at 1:52… but nice video!

Chris Leake says:

And next week we will be putting a citroen c2 vts against an Audi RS3 quattro, what will win?

W3NN says:

Focus rs owners hang out at mc donalds car parks? There expensive you ignorant pleb

Jason O'Callaghan says:

What horseshit. I'm a Plato fan, but do you seriously expect anyone to believe Plato didn't wipe out the drift in the first challenge. The joys of video editing. Top gear you ain't.

Paolo Nobleza says:

you shouldn't be comparing these car! because evo is in the higher level. they don't have the same class. EVO FOREVER

UsernameUser says:

Anyone who would rather have the Evo has probably never driven a propper car and is therefore oblivious to how abhorrently awful they are.

Lucas Williams says:

Feck off, Tiff. Don't be dissing Evos as McDonalds car park cars!

vulcanproject says:

The Evo is faster because it is AWD. The Focus is much much nicer to drive everyday and live with because the Evo is such a cheap nasty car inside with a very harsh ride. The Ford has a gorgeous sounding 5 cylinder engine. The Focus will also be worth a lot more money in another 5 years time, they don't depreciate as much. Both are very good at what they do.

sheldon rhooms says:

what the fuck how do u even compare the cars evo a better night and day!

Top Cars says:

ford focus st rs best car !

Constantin Baikin says:

2:55 you can see the drift fail which is not shown)

Brian Nguyen says:

Evo's all day. 

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