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Fifth Gear – Suzuki Swift Sport vs. Mini Cooper

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Mehvash Haque says:

swift is far better..

Manuel Muñoz says:

love is swift

Nazgull123 says:

mini coopers are lemons though

Henry_b says:

oh and to all you swift heads The mini cooper s Gp would destroy your little suzuki with 208hp and being one of the best handling cars of its generation i would love to see your little swift destroyed..

oh and also you say the mini is a girls car? well is that a fact or just an opinion.

also to all you guys the mini may be small cute and innocent looking but it doesn't mean its a girl car look at the MX5 miata
or ford fiesta ST are they girls cars?

i know you will defend your little pile of jap scrap.

and how many of you have actually driven a mini or a swift. if you havent i guess your opinion is just based on the so called reliability of the swift.

And ive noticed thats all the swifts got going for it is the reliabilty..

Bay BossMAN says:

Wait til the New Swift Comes out 2017 Will be the Best Zuk Ever Built and will demolish that Mini Cooper

Eddy Danny says:

swift goes to taylor swift anyways.

Jaap Boerema says:

when a piece is part of your mini costs are very high. give me a swift also because of the improved reliability

spencer angel says:

All u bitches who hate minis. GO FUCK YOURSELF. MINI FOR THE WIN!!!!!

wakesake says:

for the money i take the swift any day

Hafry rokr says:

swift still better than a cooper….

Navneeth Karumbaiah says:

love the swift

sph00n says:

i have driven both cars and even though the mini is more expensive it's just a way higher class of car, everything about is just made with more care and thought and you feel it behind the wheel

Jamie H says:

You're all very insecure if you think what car you drive determines your sexual orientation. All I'm seeing is a bunch of closet-homos.

bodiegod says:

The dealers I know all say the Cooper is a wee girl's car.
I just bought a 59 plate Swift Sport and it's a great little car.

MolEch1982 says:

No you mean you'll get more pussy in the car but thats just cause the girls will think your gay.., which probably won't be wrong seeing as your driving a mini!!!

J4m3z1 says:

I have a Swift Sport and would never hand over money for a Cooper. I've thought about buying a Cooper S though and whilst I do like it alot, I'll probably end up getting a Clio 200 Cup 2.0L

Erikootje says:

any dumb fuck, even you, can go to a dealer, sit in a car, and have a picture taken of you sitting in both cars.

04218158 says:

youll get more pussy with a car girls like


look into the mirror for that!

L. aviles says:

this video made me love suzuki swift more though mini wins atleast I knew that my suzuki is almost as fast as mini cooper (cooper is faster with just a half second!!!) and they almost looked a like but suzuki is half the price and I can customize it with my friend who has a shop to make it look better than cooper and my suzuki still win my heart!!! =D thanks god =D

damagedigital says:

Amirbinomar.. This is swift sport not normal 1.5 swift. It made in japan and cost more than 100k in malaysia. The normal 1.5 swift that currently selling in malaysia cost half of swift sport price is because it is older version and made in malaysia..

Amir Omar says:

Good video. If i have more money, i will buy mini. Swift in Malaysia is everybody-can-afford car. Even a 17yold student own a swift in my neighborhood. Im 34 so i can NOT buy a 17yold toy.

Nathaniel Jack says:

Both cars suck get the real mini with r1/hyabusa/vtec conversion!!


you are a dambass my friend!you havent driven any of them!

chucklemunch says:

There's a lot of know-nothing idiots on here saying the Mini is crap and over-priced. It's just over a grand more from new, better fuel economy, it's a bit heavier, only a couple of bhp lower (which if you know anything about cars is actually nothing) and better safety. The cars are very evenly matched but the mini just shaved it with its handling. Wish people would grow up.

Haso Gho says:

suzuki swift is an awesome car. Just passed my driving test with that car two days ago 🙂

Genetic_Drifter says:

I just wish the new mini was more like the old mini. Its so big now.

t100mmy says:

Mini is a girls car swift looks better

High2Tension says:

suzuki Swift all the way,
because i can buy it and i am a normal person , and i can beat that mini overpriced thing. with my swift. n getting every thing in this price tag, suzuki swiffffffft

Hvtecfreak says:

swift all day ! fuck the shitty overpriced mini ! looks like shit is expensiv and power ? what power ? !

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