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Fifth Gear – VW Passat CC vs. Mercedes CLS 500 (Refinement)

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Fifth Gear’s Johnny Smith puts the refinement of the VW Passat CC to the ultimate test against the benchmarking Mercedes CLS 500

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Matthew Coupe says:

Unless the CC was the 3.6 V6 version it is toast against the CLS500

rscosworthfan says:

cls is limited to 155 .with the electronic limiter removed it would be quicker dont get me wrong i do like the passat but the merc in this instance is miles ahead

Volkswagen Mania says:

Volkswagen CC tsi 2,000cc vs KIA K7 3,000cc >>> https://youtu.be/Rc_MJaNN1Nk

korallrev says:

tests how quiet the merc cls 500 is WITH a v8….. why? how do you think? logics..

ComandanteJ says:

At those levels, 2db is A LOT more noise.

Sunny Singh says:

Only vw cc that's it. No Mercedes piece of shit

Nick Name says:

You can't compare that garbage passat with cls …

Dr Wronghouse says:

Look at those cars today on street, CLS is still looker, CC such boring with interior which is even more BORING.

Alex RS3 says:

CLS 500 all the way.

Joe Mastercue says:

Does anyone actually watch these Fags telling us what is wrong with two of the finest motor cars out there?? Who would test a VW Passat against a MB 500 CLS — Drive and test your British Leyland's you poofters.

Julius Madridejos says:

I have both vw jetta mk6 2.5 and vw routan 2012 (well, kinda vdub styling) and i both loved it. I wont go back to toyota or infiniti. My next car will be the CC


Quick Question. Why would you test the Decibels of the cockpit of these two cars at 100mph? Very irrational test.

Most Highways in the U.S have a speed-limit of around 70mph. Considering that the Mercedes is nearly 3 times more expensive than the Volkswagen, your best bet would be to get the CC (comfort coupe).

Andrew says:

Measuring the sound level on a concrete road at 100 mph doesn't make any sense at all!

Žiga Hudournik says:

Why not the CLS350? Much more comparable to the 3.6, the 500 is hardly a fair comparison

andrew truzzi says:

Well done 5th gear comparing two completely different marques, no wonder that no one takes any notice of this programme especially with these two bell ends

Vato says:

Style as 4door coupe was first introduced by mercedes as a CLS, everything else is a copycat including vw cc

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