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Fifth Gear Web TV – Megane Renaultsport 250 Cup

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With a prestigious heritage of hot hatches, we’re hoping that this latest creation from Renault’s motorsport division will be something special. After all, it does come with 250hp and the option of a hardcore ‘Cup’ chassis with limited slip differential. In this video, Vicki Butler-Henderson finds out whether or not Renaultsport have succeeded in making another superstar hot hatchback. For more videos, news and reviews go to http://fwd.five.tv/fifth-gear

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Ardhana Hariwidagdo says:

I love this gen megane so much esp the RS! It's even prettier than the current megane (pls, 3 door, renault!!) Even in miniature form is just as sweet!

Gio Jo says:

I watch this video only for Vichy

Valentin Hervé says:

I like her drive !

Marc Benouchi says:

THis girl makes my dick being hard as a shifter lever

MemphiStig says:

Come here, you curvaceous lump of aggression! GRRRR! (Not you, Megane.)

YoutubeNazi says:


Lewis O'Kelly says:

Am I the only person who likes the beep?!

taff_G1 says:

this car is nearly has sexy has vicky 🙂

P Jackson says:

I've owned one of these (250 cup like the one being driven, albeit with the 19" alloys and a few other bells and whistles because it's the '11 model) for a year now, and it really is the best car I've had the pleasure of driving thus far… in terms of power delivery and handling, that is.

For fun, though?

RS Twingo all the way!

konrad4212 says:

de santa, the crap in in your ears you turd, listen to as many reports your pathetic brains can find and you foind out the Megane RS is a serious car. Unless of course your egghead has already been stretched to its limit… morron

FullmoonGarou says:

seems to be the best car shes ever driven , va chier de santa

Zed Hun says:

But the looks 🙁 and virtually no rear window.

Danny Fassbender says:

zu dumm zum fahren… beim sprint bis in den begrenzer rein… typisch frau halt

Ryan Formosa Holt says:

great renault sport car. i have a renault 5 gt turbo of 1991 and still drive me crazy when i take it for a ride great car

Michael Ryan says:

if she didnt have hears… she wouldnt hear the beep anyways….

MrFriedgreentomatos says:

has anyone got any pics of her in a bikini? (VWB)

Jack Orwell says:

Mark Webber has one.

ThePugMonkey says:

That is Hot! …the cars pretty good too!

YummiestOrphan says:

I would shag her brains out.

With or without permission…

Kadin McDonald says:

Can you get this in the united states?

santclause1 says:

3.45 i can here the revs i don need the beep. then she hits REV LIMITER. hhmmm it,s there for a REASON VICKY.

santclause1 says:

dude without a doubt. MEGANE RS. i had ST then TYPE R and now owned a clio 200cup nearly 3 years. and would never have a FORD again ever. stock vs stock clio would just beat ST in straight line. add corners and fuck me ST would end up in hedge bottom trying to keep up. GOLF GTI better than ST but light years behind a RENAULTSPORT. also not had any problems with RENAULT like i did with FORD.

Patrick Hodgins says:

Why is the beep a problem ? The car has the RS monitor, so under setting the beep RPM can be changed or turned off all together.

Craig Smith says:

Can't decide between this, focus st or gti. Budget is £14k. Any thoughts from owners?

sircooper1963 says:

Nice machine; will we ever see a similar machine in North America under the Nissan name plate?
I doubt it!

branot89 says:

This is still road car that is super fast on track. And you will be driving in 90% of time on road and 10% on track

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