First Drive: 2022 Mercedes-Benz C-Class W206 AMG Line

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Full video here:

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Mercedes-Benz Maybach Fans says:

Full video here:

Luca di fant says:

A mini s klass…..but this maxi tablet…..are not amazing

Panagiwtis Leousis says:

Expecting price for Europe?

Alen Ibričić says:

ohh please… this front driver tablet 🤦‍♂️.
it would be better if it was covered though, as it is ugly to see free space behind the screen where dust can collect.

Reinhold Everest says:

4-cylinder hybrids with giant touch screens, R.I.P. AMG

Enzo says:

Why hybride amg

Any King says:

If the colour of car is same as the colour of the front and back then the look will be osm

Seabelo Magoro says:

I love how the c-class is always the baby s-class

Tamas Balogh says:


dani lepur says:

Large tablet is the only reason why I will NOT upgrade my old C class for this new model.
Pls remove those ugly looking displays from next model!
If we wanted to watch tv or look at the computer monitor would stay at home or in the office.
It's killing the spirit of enjoying the ride.

Muhammad Kito says:

Baby s class

Nurullah Savur says:

We don't really care about these mid engine "AMG Line" lineups. We wanna know what the C63 is going to look/sound like

Priyanshu De says:

the ultimate driving machine

ashJayden06 says:

Looks like it will again follow the design language of the new S Class. Just as the current W205 was named the 'mini S Class' on its reveal 👌🏽

Anish Deobansi says:

Affordable S class

J P says:

I want to go to there

SRSLOL _12332 says:

Erlkönig 💪🏾

ASSIA Sakhraoui says:

Im so bad😔😭🤢

Lê Anh Tuấn says:

It look like a S-class but smaller

Ред Ми says:


Ира Ира says:

Это какой машина

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