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DISCLAIMER: Filmed in Mexico for movie purposes only. The videos are highly edited and not real. Green screen is in use during the making of the video. No Laws were broken during the making of this video.


thottrain._ ‘ says:

when he started talking about his friend i actually got really sad🥺

Mike Murphy says:

Yea when you lose races w 1000hp that is a bad day

Mike Murphy says:

In other words id bet you aint won a race yet

Mike Murphy says:

Its a code that means your a very Inexspirenced driver

Mike Murphy says:

Good idea take it home before you ruin it.

Mike Murphy says:

2 of my cars would murder that thing and its not the 2000hp one either

Mike Murphy says:

And he cant belive it cant hook and if it cant hook its not fast at all bring it back to daddy

Mike Murphy says:

1000hp in a hellcat is to much cars w half the horsepower will eat you

Mike Murphy says:

No shit dude it spun dauhhh and when you race someone like me while your spinning all over the place id be 2 miles ahead of you

Mike Murphy says:

One of em is set up for 2000hp

Mike Murphy says:

I got nice cars to kid

Mike Murphy says:

Your all flipin out at 103 mph wtf realy

jesus lopez says:

R.I.P mike hope hes in a better place now

Ethan Lee says:

Bro u just filmed evidence for your speeding ticket


hey brother even though this is a stock exhaust it’s pretty loud

Presso Shhh says:

Bruh ur a pussy I’d have that full out all time

Ant_Auth93thic says:

Rip 2oo ya guy

Brian keller says:

That's great bro I wish I had something like that from my best friends that have passed

ToXIc_ CAndY says:

Big bro, it’s not 1000hp, a stock hellcat does 200 so how did adding 300 hp make it only do 202?

tr 20 says:

lol take it to germany and drive it at 3am or so, you can kick it down no one is in front of you


how many mpg do you have in eco mode ??

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