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First Driving Footage – Koenigsegg Regera

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An employee has his first ride in a Koenigsegg Regera.

Accompanying story: http://koenigsegg.com/my-first-drive-in-the-koenigsegg-regera/

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Joselito Neto 17 says:

Feraaa você que manda Koenigsegg ?????????

Meo Be says:

shut up and take my money

imafamize says:

jag älskar regera bilen

Reshmi Ajith says:

The engine sound is so good. i want to drive one regera in future.

butuc gabriel says:

if he can drive with the airbag light on i guess my 320d can wait a few more years for a fix

Kolle Skovs says:

You should make Koenigsegg regera GT sport. It has the same design but under the hood…. stronger and faster. It has 4WD higher torque and also better grip.

jenkomagic says:

This guy sounds Australian

Arcnolokgia says:

i meaaan… u r never gonna hear the engine going all out. thats gotta be a downside right?

ACoralReefer says:


BeneK says:

why is the ABS, ESP and Airbag on?

Guilherme José Somagal says:

Cade us br HU3HU3 pra pedir um video do 0-300-0 dessa banheira cabulosa ai

karel degreef says:

euhh => am i the first who is subscribed on this channel  🙂  because it looks like it 😀

optoomistic says:

i love the fact you show people uncompleted cars and are open about it

Neo Carlström says:

when can they do the top speed in a regera

TheMacki95 TheMacki95 says:

when i win the lottery…

MAY NAI says:

I Love Koenigsegg ?

mehrshadvr4 says:

here is a concern I have wouldn't the clutch wears out so much faster because it's slipping constantly?

Cee Infiniti says:

This looks like a very epic car!

Guilherme José Somagal says:


hema hate says:

is just my phone, or is this channel has no subscribers, unless it not official chanell. But still.

Luca22751 Luca22751 says:

But it is such a special car and I love the interior

Luca22751 Luca22751 says:

It's a ok car I'd MUCH rather have a Bugatti Chiron

Sam says:

Only the name of the car is horrible

rottysaurus says:

Welcome to the future ladies and gentlemen

Baden Lucas says:

I still don't understand the transmission. Are the revs consistant? Whats the power band like lol so confusing. I suppose its like a motorbike with one gear just accelerate and you've got consistent power. Are the revs just restricted until you pull the downshift to get the effect of changing down?

Boss Hinwan says:

Snälla svara när kan ni bevisar att vi sverige har världens snabbaste bil

Jon says:

When can we see full test videos?

Boaty Mc Boatface says:

there's an event on the 17th of April in Dubai… La Ferrari, 918, P1 will be in attendance.. Konigsegg has been challenged to put up car ..Agera would be awesome but lo no cars forth coming …why? Surely there is a private own out there with an R or RS …I totally love Konigseggs and want to see them wipe the floor with the other 3..I personally think all 3 of the above mentioned are fuking awesome …but I always go for the under dog…so come on the challenge has been made !

Yaint racing shit says:

Mr. Koenigsegg please let Alejandro ( you already know which one ) borrow an Agera, like he said do it for the kids, it doesn't matter who wins, but people want to see your car go against the hybrids. You are a role model to me and I admire your cars. Alejandro just makes fun videos for people like me that will most likely never be able to own any of your cars, so please just help him out and make this happen.

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