FIRST EVER Ferrari SF90 Stradale Performance Testing * 1/4 Mile, 0-60 MPH

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We head to Puerto Rico to test out the all new 1,000 HP Hybrid AWD Ferrari SF90 Stradale.
Gear we USE:

Street Testing Data with the 765LT:



DragTimes says:

Thanks for watching, hit that LIKE button, THUMBS UP! Link to the 765LT Street Testing to compare vs SF90:

ashraf davids says:

do the chiron

Riya And Ray Play says:

Holy fuck. Please put an exhaust on this?

Tony says:

Toyota supra can smoke this car

KingASE88 says:

freaky fast

Zain Khan says:

Does that means that the sf90 is the fastest production car to 0-60.

Andrei Giugiuc says:

Get it more rich… unbelievableeee data for the grpppppppl

darren lynes says:

Should of made it rwd and put a massive 1000hp na v12 in it!

James Crain says:

You can just tell by the big difference in trap speeds that the 765lt will be faster

Xerxius Maximus says:

Brooks, you are simply AMAZING. LOVE YOUR CONTENT. First-rate. Please, please… keep it coming. Thank you much for giving what we all want without even knowing we are wishing for it… lol. Please, stay safe. XM

Bob Smith says:

Taking shots at Doug Demuro or…?

Claude Baron says:

I’m still amazed as how many peoples have a so hard times just to synchronized a simple 1, 2, 3, GO…… 😂😂😂😂😂😂

TheReaLConstricts says:

the r8 turned up the boost after the first race lol. both 720 races were so bad lmao it’s like you guys have never done roll racing before.

Jtome84 - says:

Awesome content dude ! Help a guy out What song is this ?

barry0gee says:

The touch controls are hideous .

Trent Frimmel says:

Music killed this got annoyed

Danny Yevcak says:

Saw first one in Az today at dealership… insane Ferrari.. hit all the right notes on design!

Guero Burban says:

Looks like the Chevy vette

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